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Bible Verses in Philippine Languages


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Aeta NegritoAgtaAmganadAmganad IfugaoAntipolo IfugaoBalangaoBalangao BontocBalangawBaludBasque BatuaBatadBatad IfugaoBicolBicolanoBikolBilaanBlaanBotolan SambalBotolan ZambalCasiguran DumagatCasiguran Dumagat AgtaCebuanoChabakanoChavacanoCotabato ManoboCuyoCuyonoCuyononCuyunonDebabaonDibabaonDibabawon ManoboDibagat-Kabugao-IsnegEuskeraFarangaoHiligaynonIfugaoIlongoIsnagIsnegIvatanKapampanganKeley-IKeley-i KallahanKeleyqiq IfugaoKuyononKuyunonLapuyan SubanenLapuyenMandayaMandaya MansakaMansakaMargosatubigPampanganPampangueñoPampangoPangasinanSamareñoSarangani BlaanSarangani ManoboSubanenTagalogTedurayTiruraiTirurayTumanaoUmiray AgtaUmirey DumagatUmiray DumagetVascuenseZamboangueño

Donate Bibles to persecuted Christians

Johann Sebastian Bach is sometimes referred to as the fifth evangelist. He evangelizes through his music, which has become popular and renown throughout the world. Bach was a staunch Lutheran, and his music is the epitome of the joy of the Christian who realizes that our salvation is dependent on God alone, and is a free gift which we do not have to earn in any way. Even our faith is a gift. For your listening pleasure, I have made available a few of Bach's famous organ compositions, courtesy of Classical Midi Archives and of Dean Lampe, who sequenced these midi files.

Prelude and Fugue in e, BWV 533 This one is a special favorite of mine, and my sister Becky plays it.
Prelude and Fugue in D, BWV 532
Prelude and Fugue in G, BWV 541
Prelude and Fugue in a, BWV 543
Prelude and Fugue in c, BWV 549

Cults and Sects Includes links in other languages

Evidences (apologetics) Includes links to information in multiple languages

I am looking for any web sites that have Psalm 23 in many languages. If you know of such a site, please email me. Also, if you have access to a Bible in a language not listed here, or you can write in any of these languages, whether listed here or not, please email me. Also, if you can help me with foreign fonts, please email me. Thank you.

Silent Night in Many Languages

The Lord's Prayer in over 1500 languages Also contains Catholic prayers and occasionally portions of the liturgy.


Aeta Negrito see Botolan Sambal
Agta see Umiray Dumaget
Amganad see Amganad Ifugao
Amganad Ifugao, Amganad
Antipolo Ifugao, Keley-i Kallahan, Keleyqiq Ifugao, Keley-I
Balangao, Balangao Bontoc, Balangaw, Farangao
Balangao Bontoc see Balangao
Balangaw see Balangao
Balud see Sarangani Blaan
Basque Batua, Euskera, Vascuense
Batad see Batad Ifugao
Batad Ifugao, Batad
Bicol see Bikol
Bicolano see Bikol
Bikol, Bicol, Bicolano
Bilaan see Sarangani Blaan
Botolan Sambal, Aeta Negrito, Botolan Zambal
Botolan Zambal see Botolan Sambal
Casiguran Dumagat, Casiguran Dumagat Agta
Casiguran Dumagat Agta see Casiguran Dumagat


Chabakano see Chavacano
Chavacano, Zamboangueño, Chabakano
Cotabato Manobo
Cuyo see Cuyonon
Cuyono see Cuyonon
Cuyonon, Cuyono, Cuyunon, Cuyo, Kuyunon, Kuyonon
Cuyunon see Cuyonon
Debabaon see Dibabawon Manobo
Dibabaon see Dibabawon Manobo
Dibabawon Manobo, Mandaya, Dibabaon, Debabaon
Dibagat-Kabugao-Isneg see Isnag
Euskera see Basque Batua
Farangao see Balangao
Hiligaynon see Ilongo
Ilongo, Hiligaynon
Ifugao see Amganad Ifugao
Isnag, Dibagat-Kabugao-Isneg, Isneg
Isneg see Isnag
Kapampangan see Pampango
Keley-I see Antipolo Ifugao
Keley-i Kallahan see Antipolo Ifugao
Keleyqiq Ifugao see Antipolo Ifugao
Kuyonon see Cuyonon
Kuyunon see Cuyonon
Lapuyan Subanen, Lapuyen, Margosatubig, Subanen
Lapuyen see Lapuyan Subanen
Mandaya see Dibabawon Manobo
Mandaya Mansakasee Mansaka
Mansaka, Mandaya Mansaka
Margosatubig see Lapuyan Subanen


Pampangan see Pampango
Pampangueño see Pampango
Pampango, Pampangan, Pampangueño, Kapampangan
Sarangani Blaan, Bilaan, Balud, Tumanao
Sarangani Manobo
Subanen see Lapuyan Subanen
Teduray see Tiruray
Tirurai see Tiruray
Tiruray, Tirurai, Teduray
Tumanao see Sarangani Blaan
Umiray Dumaget, Agta, Umirey Dumagat, Umiray Agta
Umiray Agta see Umiray Dumaget
Umirey Dumagat see Umiray Dumaget
Vascuense see Basque Batua
Zamboangueño see Chavacano

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