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Election Fraud

From 2000:

LEST WE FORGET. Now that the election is over, we need time to regroup and see where we go from here. Obviously, we need to pull together. At the same time, we must never forget the lessons we have learned. Over the next few weeks, I will be working on this issue, synthesizing a presentation of the issues we must keep in mind over the next several years, so that our efforts to restore protection to the unborn, as well as to get the government's hand out of our back pocket, won't have been expended in vain. We must find ways to help people to become self-reliant and free them from the tyranny and slavery of government largesse. For this reason, I will maintain this page, including its historical content about voter fraud, and add to it from now on. Please note, however, that many of the web sites are in the process of removing this content, and so the links are ceasing to function almost faster than I can keep up with them. I am giving this top priority, and will attempt to get permission to reprint anything of lasting interest. Please bear with me as I deal with this issue. Thank you.

Remember: newest items are on the bottom of each section! But I'm sticking this one here:

Bush Wins 2000 Election Yet Again

"The people who vote decide nothing. The people who count the vote decide everything." -- Joseph Stalin

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News and Opinion Sources

Fox News
Judicial Watch
World Watch Daily millenialist Christian slant
Drudge Report
Rush Limbaugh
Town Hall
RealClear Politics

Online Polls, Petitions, Action Organizations

The Grassfire online petitions - excellent!
Confidential Witness Do you personally have information of government corruption? Please report it. Sponsored by Judicial Watch.
Judicial Watch
American Center for Law and Justice
Politically Incorrect's 'Harris Murder' Joke a Firing Offense?
A Modest Proposal for the Media
Florida Ballot

Call, Fax, Email

Dealing with the Media
Networks Stole Bush's Popular Vote
Free and Fair Elections Act Needed

After Electoral College Vote

Bush Beats Gore in Miami Recount
Bush was 'true winner' BBC

Before Electoral College Vote

Concerning ballots
Wall Street Journal
The Coup by David Horowitz
Recount 'Em All, or None at All by Edward Glaeser
A Blatant Conflict of Interest
Stupid Quotes and Lies by Algore
Where Are the Republicans?
Foolproof Ballot for Palm Beach County
Nader/Gore Vote Trades
Peggy Noonan: Now We Must Fight for Our Country
Across the Nation Dimpled Chads Don't Count
Gore Tampering with Electoral College
Gore to GIs: Drop Dead!
All Bets Are Off: It's Time to Fight!
Pro-Gore Columnists Jump Ship
Gore Won't Get the Palm Beach Votes He Needs
Evidence of Massive Ballot Tampering in Palm Beach County
Harris Has a Perfect Way Out
Clinton Sabotaging Bush Transition
Supreme Court Must Scare Gore
American Democracy Is on the Line
Alaska Electors Told They Could Change Vote
Contact Bush HQ; show your support
Russert Cites Coffey to Hype Miami-Dade "Intimidation"
Harris Poll: Americans Favor Bush, Oppose Recount
Floridian Has Trouble Voting for Bush in Broward County
Our Long National Nightmare Is Just Beginning note the date of this editorial
Media Pressure Bush Elector: Would You Vote for Gore?
Gore Mum on INS Vote Scandal
Clinton-Gore Immigrant Naturalization Push Helps Gore
Exclusive: Gore Popular Vote Fraudulent?
Bush's Election Is Critical for America's Safety
Vote-Swap Web Sites Under Fire
Gore Team: 840 Votes Unclaimed in Palm Beach
Bush Must Warn Gore There's a Price to Be Paid for Subverting Democracy
Exclusive: Recount Observers Tell of Democrat Fraud
Thousands of Bush Voters Disenfranchised in Florida
Now we must fight for our country
Some Road to the Presidency
President Dimples?
Miami Heat
Supremely Ill-Judged
Bar Complaint Filed Against Boies
Boy punched in gut by Gore supporter
Parent Details Child's Assault by Pro-Gore Demonstrators
Liberal Groups, Losing Political Influence, Try to Damage Bush
Losers, Weepers: Democrats Prepare for Revenge
Relentless as a Malignant Growth
Gore's Coup Attempt Disgusts African Immigrant
Washington Post Probing Katherine Harris Sex Rumor
Thompson Calls on Supremes to Nix Boies in Florida
Send in the Clowns
The Tide is Turning
Gore's Top Lawyers Face Legal Complaint
Gore's Shameless Lies Thomas Sowell
Sore Loser Gore Throws Hissy Fit
The Rue of Law: Yet More Raw Gore
Praying for Gore
Burn That Village
Does the End Justify the Means?
Coming Together is Overrated
Florida's Rogue Court
Supremes to Al: Concede
Reno to the Rescue
The Myth of Miami, Gore's Electoral "Lock Box", Voodoo Vote Counting
There is NO Moral Equivalency
Gore Pledges to Fight Boy Scouts
Dems in Secret Mutiny to Force Gore to Quit?
Dems' Media Dirt Diggers Coming Up Empty on Harris
Gore's Tantrum Has Democrats Switching to GOP
Gore Helped in Florida by Thousands of Illegal Votes
Is Al Gore Mentally Ill?
Dimples Wild?
GOP Observers Say Fla. Recount Was Tense, Tedious
Judicial Watch
Klayman: What a Mess!
How Bush Forfeited the Black Vote a real eye-opener!
Clinton: Gore Challenge Should Continue Even After Bush Inaugurated
Gephardt Echoes Clinton: FOIA Recount Will Torpedo Bush Victory
Ballots "Recreated" in Palm Beach
Gore May Be Seeking Vice Presidency Under Bush
Bill Maher Jokes About Murdering Katherine Harris
Hundreds of Felons Voted Illegally in Florida
Bush Team Made Gains
Gore Leading Us to Recession
Military Must Zip Lips on Chads
Let's Find "Thin"
'Swinging Electors'?
Gore's Contract Against America
Lost Out There in the Chads
Get a Grip, the Founders Did
ABC News/Post Poll -- More Bad News for Gore
Clintons to Flip Westchester Property Whitewater-style Hillary's New York residency a sham?
The Will of the Lawyers
An Open Letter to Democrats
Life So Dear, Peace So Sweet
Gore Flunks
Gore Caught Telling Seminole Case Whopper
A Silly Suit in Seminole
Right Not to Vote at Issue in Florida
Conservative Doomsayers, Among Our Worst Enemies
The New Florida Ballot... it's pretty bad when the greeting cards businesses get into the act! :)
Only 21 Percent Think Gore Presidency Would Be Legal
Florida Supremes May Be History
Ha Ha Ha, Liberal Media - You’re Going Down with the Dems
Judicial Watch Recount Could Blunt Dem Threats
Gore's War on Military Voters Prompts Dem to Switch Party Mayor, El Cajon, California
Jackson: Bush 'Dodged Military Service,' GOP Protesters Are 'Gangsters'
Dick Morris: Gore Like Hitler in the Bunker - Not
Jacoby: No to Powell as Secretary of State
Florida Court Puts Constitution in Harm's Way
Kogan Took Unethical Swipe at Sauls
Democrat Spin Doesn't Hold Thomas Sowell
Gore's Complex
Poll: Networks' False Reports Cost Bush Thousands of Votes
Florida Supreme's Chief Justice Pens Scathing Dissent
Court Rules Cheney Is Wyoming Resident
Where's the Outrage Over Vote Fraud?
Guinness voted on the facts - and Melissa demanded a recount
Justice Kennedy Considers Florida Supreme Court Stay
Florida Supreme Court Leaked Ruling
Gore, Democrats Continue Coup Attempt
How Broward Almost Stole Florida
The Problem with Hand Counts
NBC's Shipman Got Heads-up on Ruling
Klayman Files Emergency Appeal
Miami Herald: Court-Ordered Recount Could Backfire on Gore
Baker: Bush Was Gaining Before Supremes Halted Recount
Dems Get Free Pass on Supreme Court Bashing
Idiot-Proof Voting in Florida
Without Bush Tax Cut, Recession Looms
Assessing Supreme Court Argument
Blow-by-Blow Supreme Arguments
Florida Supremes 'Justify' First Ruling
Getting Back Conservative Groove
And the Winner Is ... Bill and Hillary
Marlboros for Gore Votes
'Will of the People' - Sure
Gore's Legacy
Nation of Lawyers
The Democrat Heist
The Long, Long Recount
Remember These "Terrible People"
Liberal Press Continues Sex Investigations of Bush Boys, Harris Don't let them get away with it!
Jackson's 'Civil Rights Explosion' Threat Based on Dubious Claims
Democrats Putting Party Ahead of Country
Gore Team Flagged for Cheating
Dems Still Trying for More Electoral Votes
Enraged Jesse Jackson Plans Massive Demonstration, Promises to Prove Gore Won Give this guy enough rope and let him hang himself. Do African-Americans really want him as a leader? Stay tuned!
What W Must Do and Not Do
The Republic Prevails
A James Baker's Democrat Dirty Dozen
Strangle the Mythbaby in Its Crib
Some 'Crisis'
Gore Reluctantly Does the Right Thing
A Reminder of How Close We Came
Bush's First 100 Days
Activist Judges Should Not Overrule Elections
Tallahassee Hillbillies
To Whom It May Concern
Newspapers' recount shows Bush prevailed

Documentation, Satire, Graphics
We Can't Say Gore Didn't Warn Us
Al Gore's Lies
Art Linkletter: What's at Stake on Election Day
Texas Education Miracle No Mirage
Who Votes Democratic?
Notice of Revocation of Independence material added
Election Poetry by Great Poets material added
The Second Debate - Sort Of
Good Afternoon. I'm Al Gore
Thomas Sowell on George W. Bush's DUI
Sample Ballots and New Democratic Seal graphics, take awhile to load
Never Again!!!
There They Go Again
The Craven
They're At It Again
Certify the Bush Victory in Florida!
Election Integrity 2000
Call, Write, Email!
How Democrats Steal Elections
The Battle Hymn of the Republicans
Miranda Rights for Florida Voters
New York Mets
Distribute This Message
The Chad Exposé
Class Action on Behalf of All Military Personnel
Military Ballots Trashed in Florida
The Stealing of the Election
President Clinton's Visit to Viet Nam
Bush Campaign Reaction to Florida Supreme Court Ruling
Breaking News
Eleventh Circuit Fast-Track
Don't Forget the Guy in Charge
Voting Exercise
Americans are too stupid for democracy
Claremont Institute Precepts
Recipe for Chad Patties
Alice Cooper Revisited
New State Slogans For Florida
Mooney aids in vote recount

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