Election Fraud


by Pat Goltz

This portion of the web site seeks to provide all of the essential information you need to demonstrate that Al Gore intended to steal the American presidency by means of election fraud. I have purposely left this information available so that we will not forget, and to provide us with guidelines to assist in cleaning up the rampant election fraud that has been a way of life in this country for several decades.

What exactly was Gore trying to achieve? Fundamentally, he was trying to obtain a bloodless coup of this election, so that he could put the last nail in the coffin of freedom and the right to life for this once great nation. We must make sure that we use this opportunity to make sure that this can never happen in the future.

For three long decades, women have been enslaved to the evils of abortion. Abortion is the most insidious form of slavery ever invented, because participating in abortion destroys a woman's spirit. Add on top of that the fact that women are being butchered wholesale in our abortuaries, and you quickly realize that babies are not the only people abortionists are killing. My pro-life feminist pages contain extensive documentation of my claims, and what I have there is a tiny fraction of the print information I presently have in my possession. In addition, that information is a tiny fraction of what I will be able to obtain by spending considerable time in the medical library. I have in my possession an annotated bibliography of more than TWO HUNDRED pages, containing references and brief descriptions of medical papers that document the way in which abortion butchers women. It would take a hand truck to carry out copies of all of these, which would cost plenty to copy. In my spare time, I am doing exactly that! In addition to this, I have documented evidence of hundreds of deaths of women from "legal" abortion, as well as thousands of lawsuits. And that is just the tip of the iceberg: the vast majority of courthouses have never had their files examined, and we lack the resources to obtain all the county coroner's reports we should be obtaining. And what do I get for all my trouble? I am regularly libeled on the internet for allegedly attempting to terrorize women into not having abortions. Yet, I regularly downplay the information I have! And women SHOULD be terrified of abortion. It is too bad that all those hundreds of dead women weren't sufficiently terrorized to stay out of the clutches of the butchers! And where does Gore stand on all this? He wants to keep women enslaved to abortion! And how does he plan on doing that? Through Newspeak, folks! In this case, the slavery of abortion is "freedom"!

For many more decades, Americans have been deprived of the most fundamental indications of property ownership through local property tax assessments. People in England, long before the establishment of this republic, fought to have title to their land recognized. Eventually, it was. The title they achieved is known as allodial title. It means that the property is under the control of the landowner to the exclusion of every other person in the universe, as early American law dictionaries defined it. Property is not the material things, but the right to control the material things. What happens if you don't pay your property taxes? The government takes the property without compensation of any kind, and gives it to someone else in exchange for the tax money, effectively giving the equity in that property to that person without due process of law. This is a violation of the requirement that just compensation must be made for property taken for a public purpose. Clearly, taking property for nonpayment of taxes is taking it for a public purpose. This is even MORE egregious than something else the Supreme Court has already said is not permitted: regulatory takings, which is to say, taking the right to control one's own property away through regulation. The United States Supreme Court has already ruled TWICE that this is not permitted. The first case is Leo Sheep Company v. U.S., 440 U.S. 668 (1979), and the second is Summa Corp. v. California ex rel. Lands Commission, 466 U.S. 198 (1984) Both were decided by an 8-0 court with Justice Rehnquist (now our chief justice) writing the opinion. According to both these opinions, the government cannot even assert regulations on land unless the authority for these regulations lies in the original land patents or in the underlying federal legislation. Land patents are essentially allodial title. If there is any kind of feudal duty on the land, it is specified in the land patent. The Supreme Court has ruled that there is NO authority in any land patent, or in the federal legislation, to permit regulatory takings. In like manner, there is NO authority in any land patent, or in the federal legislation, for taxation of any land held privately under a land patent of the United States. Property taxes are unconstitutional! (If you want to help me fight property taxation, PLEASE email me!) But that doesn't stop us from having our property taxed at exhorbitant rates to pay for a network of government indoctrination centers (GICs) which are effectively a form of educational welfare that people commonly accept as a matter of course. It is in these GICs that our children are being taught to acquiesce to tyranny. And it is why we were in this mess, the mess in Florida. I am amazed at the number of people who are still taken in! And what is the other aspect of this? It is that now a sizeable percentage of the American people are quite willing to acquiesce while government imposes heavy-handed regulations on all private land for the ostensible purpose of protecting the environment! And where does Gore stand on the environment? That question requires no answer. He sought to join Clinton in taking the last vestiges of our illusory property ownership from us, and is succeeding in convincing many Americans to go along with this! This push for illegitimate control of property has gone so far that Clinton is even now implementing the Kyoto Protocol, even though the Senate refused to ratify this treaty. The Kyoto Protocol is based on the erroneous notion of "global warming." On my pro-life feminist pages, under "human rights," I have links to information that debunks the notion of "global warming." It should also interest you to know that Africans are very upset about American imperialism attempting to foist population control and environmentalist agendas onto their people.

But before we leave the topic of government indoctrination centers, let me point out that there are actually programs being implemented in the public schools which are designed to train children specifically to REJECT parent-taught values. The idea is that children should choose their own values (and all values are equal, but some are more equal than others) and a value taught at home is not freely chosen. The classroom is being operated like a cult, with mind control techniques in full use. To document this claim, I urge you to read Values Clarification, the handbook on how to do this written by its inventors. Now remember: these are cult mind control techniques being taught in the classrooms of the government indoctrination centers! And you thought God gave your children into your care and custody! Folks, the compulsory attendance laws, which are intermittent involuntary incarceration for the crime of being young, are a First Amendment violation of the parental paramount duty, granted BY God, to educate your own children! No matter under what circumstances a person steals by proxy, that person sows the wind and reaps the whirlwind. And what are we producing in our GICs? We are producing a bunch of animals who have no respect for anyone's rights, and we have been doing this now for several generations. Speaking of animals, the flip side of the coin is that the GICs are teaching our children that we are descended from apes! What a colossal fraud! And this idea is contradicted by science. For more information on this, see my apologetics pages.

Samuel Blumenfeld documented the fact that prior to the advent of public schools, our nation had a literacy rate of 98%. In other words, everyone who wanted to learn to read, did. Most children were taught at home from the family Bible. Those who could not afford to attend school received help from interested philanthropists.

And what do you know! Gore wanted to continue to force poor people to send their children to government indoctrination centers where they can be taught that they are "entitled" to live off the property of the rest of us. Gore is opposed to school vouchers!

Speaking of stealing by proxy, I urge you to read a classic by Frederic Bastiat, The Law. This book sets forth a clear explanation of why government must protect the people from plunder, and how in fact government frequently engages in plunder. Gore and his minions would seek to make the plunder of your rightfully earned money even more extensive.

Should we have expected what happened in Florida? Absolutely! From the very beginning, Gore was attempting to drive a wedge between various groups of the American people. He started off by saying, "I'll fight for you!" And who was he promising to fight? Our fellow Americans, that's who. He openly made a bid to pit the wealthy against the middle class, the elderly against the younger, and in Florida, surprise, surprise! He willingly cooperated as Jesse Jackson attempted to drive a wedge between people of color and the rest of us. He once more pitted the elderly against the rest of us, and now he pitted the Jews against the Gentiles as well. He has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. He has managed to polarize the nation's people in a way that has not been the case for many decades. Who profits from this divide-and-conquer strategy? Wanna-be tyrants!

There was a time when I would have been willing to acquiesce to Gore being president. Not any more. And I think I have lots of company. The rumblings are that the Cuban American community was fighting mad. And I suspect they are not the only group. God blessed us and answered our prayers. Gore did not succeed in stealing the election. I think the future is clear: we have a window of opportunity to turn this country around. Let's not squander it.

Election Fraud