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Our heartfelt thanks are extended toward everyone who has given us an award.

If you like, you may view Comments we received with our awards.

Martial Arts Awards

SETI Award

Silly Stuff

Five awards from The Word Police to Pat.

The first award reads as follows:

Atlantic Unbound
Word Police Academy
Lex et Lexicography

This is to certify that on March 8, 2000,
Pat Goltz
was inducted into the Word Police Force, Number Unit,
and was commissioned to ensure that verbal virtue is rewarded,
crimes against the language are punished, and poetic justice is done.
Barbara Wallraff, Word Police Commissioner
The Atlantic Monthly

The other four awards are for the Anti-Redundancy Squad, Pronoun Patrol, Mistaken Identity Squad, and Division of Sex and Gender Crimes.

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My appreciation to Wizzle for some of the background material.