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Blacked-Out Heroes

The information on this page is about Americans with African roots who are worth honoring. It is intended as an antidote to the publicity that is often received by people who cause divisions and hate among us, and encourage people to be irresponsible and play the role of victim. It is intended as an antidote to political correctness. The ultimate answer to the vast problems faced in the bulk of the minority race community is to restore the dignity, self-respect, self-sufficiency, and responsibility of the people, as well as restoring the family. It is with these thoughts in mind that this page is developed.

Conspicuous by their absence will be well-known black leaders who have fostered an attitude of victimhood, or who have espoused political philosophies that are anti-freedom and work against the personal advancement of minorities. If a particular person is NOT mentioned here, it may mean that I simply haven't found any links. Or it may mean I don't know about him or her. And it may mean that I feel that individual has gotten more than enough publicity!

Why do I call these heroes "Blacked-Out Heroes"? It is because many of them are being ignored by both media and politicians because they don't spout the party line, and have the audacity to think for themselves. For a better explanation than I can possibly give, please read this column by Alan Keyes: Invisible Man, Invisible Things.

The information contained in these links will also be quite useful for students who are making reports.

Allen's pages Allen is one of our two sons with African heritage. The page focuses on his achievements.

Our family in taekwondo Contains information and pictures of our other son with African heritage, Ken, as he participated in taekwondo.

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Human Rights Issues, including Tibet and Cuba


A Winsome Politician

Alan Keyes and the Declaration Foundation

Dr. Alan Keyes was a Republican candidate for President of the United States in 1999-2000
Keyes' Weekly Column
Project 21
J. C. Watts, former Congressman, founder of American Renewal PAC
Thomas Sowell
More of Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell's Web Site
Rev. Jesse Peterson and the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny He's got some good ideas, but I have mixed feelings about him.
Larry Elder
The Black Avenger

Musicians and Composers

I could give you a gazillion links; these are some of my favorite musicians, and sites about black musicians.

Faye Robinson
Africentric Voices in "Classical" Music
Leontyne Price, opera singer
Ethel Waters, jazz and gospel singer
More on Ethel Waters
Marian Anderson, opera singer
More on Marian Anderson
Good links on Marian Anderson
Mahalia Jackson, gospel singer
Herbert Perry from our home town! He has a twin brother who also sings opera.
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
William Grant Still
Bobby McFerrin Wikipedia
Bobby McFerrin classical career, from Sony Classical
Awadagin Pratt pianist
Chevalier de Saint-Georges
Chevalier de Saint-Georges at Naxos, the world's leading classical music label
Harry Belafonte recorded excellent calypso music, but then turned to the dark side of politics
André Watts
AfriClassical - African Heritage in Classical Music
Discography of Music by Black Composers
Leo Brouwer he's from Cuba and he's a communist, but his guitar music is exquisite!
Leo Brouwer extensive information
Leo Brouwer from Naxos
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
Scott Joplin famous composer of piano rags
National Association of Negro Musicians

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Heroes and Heroines

Museum of Black Inventions and Innovations
Marva Collins
Richard Allen, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church
Fannie Lou Hamer civil rights activist
Rev. George W. Lee civil rights activist
Rosa Parks, who refused to ride in the back of the bus
More on Rosa Parks
Frederick Douglass
Booker T. Washington caution: page will not work in Netscape - SHAME on you, Microsoft!
George Washington Carver
Robert Moses designer of public works

Other Useful Information

Great Divas of the 20th Century
Could Someone Please Tell Me Why?
Statements by Black Americans on Abortion
The Underground Railroad

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