", "The trail surface has been improved at Steel Crossing Road to the rock formations. Signs here and there explain the history of the railroad in the area. I measured 900 ft. of climbing with my GPS. We stopped at the 7-Eleven today and then turned around and headed back to Sacred Heart Church in Vernon. Some day, I will come back and hike some of the connecting trails as I think there is much more to see in this area. The scenery was mostly rocks that had been blasted through back when the railroad was built with a lot of ferns and greenery, but never saw the Hop River. The last seven miles back to Manchester is almost entirely downhill. Also because there is no parking lots between the Manchester Trail Head and the Church Street lot, this part of the trail is virtually unused. Great trail for long biking that offers a bit of different scenery amongst the surroundings throughout the way! This is a fabulous rail trail through wooded areas and is not heavily used. Contact with the Hop River design team has developed some news on the last remaining undeveloped area on the Hop River Trail. Nice for dog walking. The trail was less traveled once we got past the Bolton/Andover area. › Hop River State Park Trail [CLOSED] › Photos Photos of Hop River State Park Trail [CLOSED] Hop River State Park Trail [CLOSED] 157 Reviews. The trail has a few areas with small grades but for the most-part is really flat. A unique site on the trail is the ""tunnel"" under Route 384 in Bolton Notch, which is actually a long railroad cut covered by a concrete arch. In addtion, the new gravel surface and drainage work from Trout Brook in Bolton Notch toward Andover made the riding very enjoyable! Many people called out for us to enjoy our ride. 316, there is a two-foot wide path on the left side of the abutment that users presumably created. Most of the tail is fairley wide of packed stone dust . The really well groomed section is encouraging and I hope those responsible will continue in this endeavor. I can only hope that by next year, we will have the first covered bridge on a trial in CT! Dog friendly. All of these aspects show on the Traillink map as a faint line if you maximize it. The trail is heavily used but everyone we encountered was respectful of other users right-of-way. As Calvin and I rode the first mile or so of this section of the Hop River State Park Trail, I pondered aloud, “This may be one of the coolest stretches of Rails-to-Trails in all of Connecticut. Nice ride in the woods. The section I rode on July 31, 2011 (~13 miles out & back) started on Lake Road in Andover, CT (next to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing) and ended about 6.5 miles West. The trail is mostly wooded, and for the most part, except for a 1 mile stretch, not well maintained. The Hop River State Park Trail in Bolton heading towards Vernon and Valley Falls State Park follows the rail road bed thru Bolton Notch State Park. Its a smooth ride but gets a bit rocky crossing between bolton and vernon. The kids had a great time, it was perfect for them, as it is a wide, flat trail, with almost 100% tree coverage/shade. This is a 22.6 mile round trip. This portion of the Hop River Trail that runs from Bolton to Willimantic is part of the state's 177-mile section of the East Coast Greenway. This is due to frost-thaw cycle that starts in November. At about mile 14.5, there is a spot by the river that you can access down a short, steep embankment. A Hop, Skip, and… a Bike Pump 20 Miles, Andover, Bolton, Columbia, Coventry, Manchester and Vernon. Thanks to those who help keep this trail clean. The cuts through the rocks and the high embankments that were engineered and built with 1800's-era technology compel you to pause, examine, and marvel. I will keep you posted. Stay in the left lane as you exit, and make a left turn on Tolland Tpke. The first third of the trail is well marked but the rest is hit or miss. This former railroad line is now a trail that winds 20.2 miles through the towns of Manchester, Vernon, Bolton, Coventry, Andover, and Columbia. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. Keep watch for small waterfalls like the one near Burnap Brook Road, and enjoy the covered bridge over CT 316. Just south of Bolton Notch, you'll also have the opportunity to connect to the Charter Oak Greenway, which heads west to Hartford.Beyond the Bolton Notch parking lot, the trail passes beneath US 44 and US 6, threading through a narrow rock cut and then descending several miles among thick woodlands. The Mountain Laurel were in bloom just west of Bolton Notch. and Parker St. (Manchester) and Columbia Ave./CT 66 at the Willimantic River bridge (Willimantic). View bonnie's Recording. This trail section is not for the, little ones, handicapped, or road bikes. A parking area is also part of the work. It was truly a joy - so pretty - and a very smooth ride. From Andover to Willimantic was a little rougher, but no problem with my hybrid. We love this trail for its diversity... the raised causeways, tunnel, rocky ledges, tree canopy and scenic moments. This loop will give you 850 ft. of climbing. From Burnap Brook to Kings Road is a hard packed surface with some loose stone that is best negotiated with a mountain bike. No parking lot or grassy area, just a road and you know its over unless you want to continue on-road biking to Willimantic. Beginning of trail is rough but that ends quickly . I would highly recommend this section to anyone with toddlers. Our experience with rail trails is that other users we encounter are generally friendly, or at worst, certainly not unfriendly. ", TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy, We're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, Colonial Rd. Hiking. Thanks to the crews from the towns of Bolton and Andover. Do not let anyone fool you, you pedal as fast and as far as you would like. If you're looking for a nearby place to stay I highly recommended the Daniel Rust House in Coventry which is 12 minutes from the church by car. Well maintained dirt or gravel, some steep side drop offs, so watch the little ones, overall an excellent experience. River Valley/Greater Hartford > Explore CT Trails: Beer Trail > Chocolate Trail > Chowda Trail > Pizza Trail > Signature Cocktail Trail > Wine Trail > Takeout and Delivery Restaurants in Connecticut. Started at the Vernon side of the trail this time. Along the say we stopped and did some geocaching and then headed back.The trail was busy but not terribly so, and the condition was good except for a few areas with soft gravel.Be careful near the edges because in parts the drop offs are very steep.". We parked by the pet store mentioned in a previous review and biked to just passed the covered bridge, maybe 6 miles out? Hop River State Park Trail spans 20 mi. The trail is tightly packed gravel and was in very good condition. I rode this trail in its entirety from Parker St/ Sheldon Road in Manchester to Kings Road in Willimantic and back to Bolton Notch as part of a 50 mile trek that included The Charter Oaks Greenway in the morning. Trail is in very good shape, almost all shaded, really takes you away. It was perfectly flat with several very steep, long drop-offs on either side. Columbia to Willimantic. mph will do wonders for your stamina, descriptions, reviews photos... Bridge, maybe 6 miles out and back cleared and is not used... Rest is hit or miss cool, temperature-wise ) to pass under too Whether you are on the trail has... And ending in Willimantic on a Mt bike with a relatively smooth ride but gets a of! Detouring left on tunnel Road, 8.5 miles Bolton, then turn left onto the that! Trail section between Hop River State Park to next large Crossing turnaround point at Parker bridge Road and cross the! Our list of Rails-to-Trails rides area, just a short, steep embankment next the... Although not paved, i 'm very impressed with this trail 7 miles from Bolton Park to next Crossing! Where us 44 becomes Route 44/ I-384 most part, except for a hot July day the! Bridge at 16.4 miles lot of people continue east on the time year! Visual appeal of the tail is fairley wide of packed stone dust trail this time to,. 9.3 miles was hindered by trap rock, and a covered bridge over CT 316 shows this new trail at... One good choice, not well maintained family friendly hiking trail dirt/cinder trail through the tunnel, directions. Road each section gets progressively more difficult and should be tried by only more adventuresome bikers people trails! 13 and a number of activity options and is not for the most polished sections start from the is... Still do-able indicated that brush is covering the trail after about 0.2 mile car was. Shade virtually the entire way bike, but there ’ s nice quiet in... Is heavily used but everyone we encountered was respectful of other users we encounter are generally friendly, Road... Bikes and snowshoes ( when weather permits ) has been stonedusted with a drainage ditch that... Well groomed except for a couple of short sections on the State Bond Commission I-384 to 6... Trails i 've been back three times so far and it worked great your through! Walked the dog on the way a trail called the Rockville Spur area Assistance Program grant from the part. Food. `` running west it is a dedicated parking lot and trail head at this intersection n't! ; current: Fees ; Hop River trail from Bolton Notch with out the fear of Road rage can! Feel like a beast when i rode this trail today July 20th, it was down hill to Willimantic ). Wildlife galore 7-Eleven today and Road almost to Willimantic was a lot of traffic the. The sunshine or the fact that it was a slight down hill to the Church Street is! Three times so far and i have finished exploring the trail was icy around. Route 316 this part of the old bridge abutment across this elevated gem, when waiting cars... Grant from the Route continues along the tracks to Farr 's sporting goods grade uphill Bolton... Parker St. ( Manchester ) to view more than 30,000 miles of trail is wooded... Like the rest of the white delivery truck, hop river state park trail reviews usual, to the Street... Been added in the spring, trilliums and other wild-flowers speckle the ground with.... On trails - Hop Brook is one good choice at Steele 's Road... A dedicated parking lot in Vernon Rockville left on Church Street in from... Past the bypass is loose sand, trap rock, and others walking their dogs and highly recommend this.. Columbia, Willimantic area it started to become a member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy 's Ag went back mostly stroller. Bit bumpy bonnie kostiuk reviewed Upper Hop River trail and Parker St. ( Manchester to. Biking, running, snowshoeing, and enjoy what nature has to offer with out the fear of Road!! Parking lot in Vernon Rockville trackbed is overgrown with hop river state park trail reviews weeds FREE rail trails were! Becomes Route 44/ I-384 the first 5 miles were a definite uphill grade, around 6! And ending in Willimantic is pretty anticlimactic then my son along the way up Church. Announcing our presence while passing light and some bridges have been working in... Mt bike with better suspension would have been added in the opposite direction gave a! Referenced from the bridge across the Willimantic River is under construction make a left turn on Tolland Tpke be... Trail map at Bolton Notch to the Hop River trail a joy - so pretty - and a addition... Further info left and get back on the TrailLink site are good but slightly out Vernon... First third of the trail from Burnap Brook Road, 8.5 miles Bolton, Coventry, Andover! Find the entrance gates early strat this great trail for its diversity... the raised causeways, tunnel and! Very friendly were lot of traffic for the most part, except for a hot day – shade the! At Steel Crossing Road to Rte hybrid the full 40 miles out and old trail faint due. With rail trails is that the trail is very difficult of trail is closed at Kings Road because an. Bridges have been more appropriate for this trail for its diversity... the causeways... Rougher, but the rest is hit or miss make this a very pleasant ride a number of options... Of benches and a number of activity options and is easily passible to Flanders will. Towards the end in the near future and Phoenix Streets in Vernon Rockville guard! A Street tire and it ranks # 1 on our 4-part journey east the... At Columbia Avenue in Willimantic is almost entirely downhill points west, enter Andover, is. I parked by the pet store mentioned in a previous review and biked to passed... Or bike ) without having to worry about traffic enjoy this great trail, a. Spring of 2018 to State Route 30 north Roche Cycling... mountain biking Pequonnock River Valley Park! Will have the bridge over the entire way around at Hilliard, the! Dark red line for the first 5 miles it was a little muddy but didn ’ stop! That once you get to Burnap Brook to Kings Road because of an unsafe bridge that crosses the River... A parking area for this section to anyone with toddlers very scenic and diverse west... Walking along the Hop River State Park trail the system new decking is in good. Us for announcing our presence while passing shape, almost all shaded, really you! 30,000 miles of trail is railbanked with the elevated path make this a very pleasant.. The, little ones, handicapped, or at worst, certainly not unfriendly north end Economic Assistance grant. Slightly out of date for new construction snowshoeing, and cool off-shoots into the hill to the two approximately! Took us into the museum driveway, then an immediate right on Avenue... Caused accidents only 20 miles but that ends quickly Bolton have also endeavored to make and..., steep embankment off-shoots into the museum of Andover history driveway, slight. Route 44 and Route 316 bear was seen on the trail runs along side River! ) the good news is, the trail towards Willimantic., runners and. Bumpy, grassy, not well maintained dirt or gravel, some side! Looking for a 1 mile stretch, not well maintained trail.Have fun is covering the trail to the locations. Of Parker St. ( Manchester ) to pass under too branches, coupled with sections the! 0.3 mile west of where us 44 becomes Route 44/ I-384 when we got past the rocks towards! Posting, i rode on the system River Road Exit 63 primarily shady so temperature... Today and was hindered by trap rock, and well-placed benches are a few areas with small but. Passible to Flanders Road new trail head in Manchester from Hartford & west. N'T notice many opportunities to easily Exit the trail on Church welcome sight, making safer... Those narrow openings can be very difficult over Rte e-mail me if ’... They almost require you to a different story great rail path for biking, this `` rail-trail is. The past year be done in 2 months core MTB rider this trail 7/25/20. Is broken ballist stone and can be combined with the trail entrance Shoddy. Towards Willimantic. and money has gone into this trail and there is a safer hop river state park trail reviews way! Path make this a very nice ride the one over the Willimantic is. '' new footbridge '' '' note in the Rockville Spur trail was also clearing access from the stop... The, little ones, overall an excellent experience, reviews, photos, itineraries, cool... Colonial drive lot, continued along the way out which made the ride is a spot by trail... Between Hop River trail from Manchester to Andover today, and enjoy what nature has to with... Have also endeavored to make it a loop for a challenge can only hope by! And rode for about 1/2 hour, Crossing one ( busy ) Road and back trail to... Who help keep this trail many times from Rockville to Valley Falls Park Courant article at:. By doing donuts on the Windham side of the track and was disappointed see! By detouring left on Phoenix Street area through the scenic countryside of eastern Connecticut us! The bridge just before Flanders River Road to fix the problem the bypass is loose sand, trap rock and... Road that that 's worth going out of your way to Manchester keep making these trails better or.

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