But my husband loves the frosting and the cake is beautiful. You can use the graham crust or for a more festive look, use the oreo crust in this recipe. If the name doesn’t give it away, it’s a cake that’s layered with both cheesecake and cake. I used my favorite Red Velvet Cake recipe and it really is SO good! Hey Lindsay, know I’m a bit late to the party. Blend cake mix, water, oil, and 3 eggs in a bowl using an electric mixer until smooth. Pour the remaining batter on top, spreading evenly to cover the cream cheese mixture completely. This recipe is for a 9 inch cake. You can leave it uncovered. If you want to make me happy this Valentine’s day you may serve me a slice of Red Velvet, Chocolate ganache or Cheesecake. Thanks for sharing the recipe without being selfish??? You just have to try it to know and love it. 33. Red Velvet cake layer:Preheat oven to 350Fflour one springform 9″ cake pan.Prepare red velvet cake batter according to box directions. Everything turned out right and it was gorgeous! Can I make the cheesecake 2 days ahead of time and can it be stored in the refrigerator until used? How long do you suppose to mix it? And I just had a quick question, I need to let the cheese cake sit for 5-6 hours to firm completely? Beat room temperature cream cheese and … The key to making the cheesecake for a cheesecake cake is to bake the cheesecake in same pan you’ll use for the cakes. Am attempting this cake in a 6 inch… I did the red velvet cake using the Wilton easy layer pan so I have 4 approx 1 inch layers of cake. Thanks for sharing them. WHERE IS IT? This will give a more defined layered look. If you make it make the cheese cake the day before. Bake for 30 to 32 minutes. After you’ve tried this red velvet cheesecake you should also try these Mini Oreo Cheesecakes, Mint Chocolate Cheesecake Dip and Cheesecake Cookie Bars. Can I make the frosting & refrigerate for a few hours till ready to frost? Info. packages cream cheese, softened2/3 c. sugar2 large eggs1/3 c. sour cream1 tbsp. I had it in the fridge also .. do you have any tips ?? And if it wouldn’t hurt it, would it still be 5-6 hours? This cooling process helps the cheesecake cool slowly to prevent cracks. Powered by the ESHA Research Database © 2018, ESHA Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved, The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. https://www.yumydesserts.com/2019/11/red-velvet-cheesecake.html Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Place a large roasting pan on the lower third rack of the oven. Red Velvet Protein Cheesecake Recipe Tutorial Below you’ll find a step by step walkthrough of the recipe along with ingredient substitution and other modification notes. Frost the outside of the cake. As for frosting it, I use the large tip shown in this tutorial for fully frosting the outside, which makes it easier to add it to the sides of the cheesecake. Keywords: red velvet cheesecake cake, red velvet cake, red velvet cheesecake, red velvet recipes, how to make red velvet cake, best red velvet cake recipe, cheesecake factory copycat recipe, how to make cheesecake factory desserts at home, Tag @lifeloveandsugar on Instagram and hashtag it #lifeloveandsugar. Red Velvet cake layer: Preheat oven to 350F; flour one springform 9" cake pan. Ingredients: For the crust: 10 Oreo cookies 2 tablespoons butter, melted For the cheesecake: 12 oz. The silky red velvet batter sits on an Oreo cookie crust and is topped with cream cheese frosting. ?Just kidding..???? Hi Lindsay! Thank you so much. Thank you Suzy-q! Hello Lindsay it’s mother’s day here in my country and I made the cake..its divine and worth all the effort..it took me 2 days to do as I did the cheese Cake first and then the 2 cakes and all. One of the great things about this cake is that various parts can be made ahead and the cheesecake layer is definitely one of those things. Slowly add the hot water to the batter and mix on low speed until well combined. Were huge hits at both events. You didn’t mention an issue with it, so I’m assuming that was ok, but just checking. I believe it has to do with the type of oven used. Can I add red food coloring to the candy melts since I don’t have anything but white? And it combines two amazing things – cake and cheesecake. I’m thinking of trying to make it into “cupcakes”, for individual servings. Also, Can i bake the cake layers ahead and freeze? To make the red velvet cheesecake, two red velvet cake rounds are baked and cooled. I will put cream cheese filling in between layers of cakes. You’ll use the aluminum foil to lift the cheesecake out of the pan when it’s baked and cooled. Fill the outside pan with enough warm water to go about halfway up the sides of the cake pan. Step 10 was ok, and I’ve now fixed step 15. 26. You can use it as a non toxic red food colouring, just consider that if added to baked goods, the high temperature would change its beautiful colour. Press white chocolate chips into the bottom of the cake, around the bottom edge. In some cases that may work fine, but I’m not sure it’s really ideal for this cake. I’ve gone for a bright red … Great recipe for Red Velvet Marbled New York Cheesecake #12plates. Somehow, this is the first time I’ve ever made red velvet in cheesecake form! Hi! Add eggs; beat just until … Would cider vinegar work? The cake was very soft and tasty. Is this correct? What can i substitute for it please? Hi. First, you make the crust which is easy, just binding the two-crust ingredients together. I’m not sure what happened, but yes 1/2 tsp is correct. It’s really difficult to say without being there to see what was done. I’m so glad the recipe was helpful and you enjoyed the cake! Thank you for such a great recipe! Here’s a tutorial I have though for helping with that issue a bit. They may be fine. I love red velvet cake and I adore cheesecake, so I just combined the best of both worlds! I'm a wife and mom to twin boys and a sweet black lab with a serious sweets addiction! I’ve become a lover of red velvet cake since I started making it myself from scratch, so I personally LOVE the flavor of this cake. chocolate as directed on package; place in medium bowl. Hi Lindsay, As coffee usually brings out the best in chocolate? This post may contain affiliate links. A favorite recently discovered recipe. Start by making the cheesecake. Press it into the pan to get it as flat as you can. Feb 11, 2016 - Explore Everett Green's board "Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake" on Pinterest. I made this cake and it tasted great. Did you leave a little lip? You don’t want it cool too quickly or it might crack. Thank you. I hope that helps! Allow the ganache to cool and firm, then pipe swirls of the frosting around the top edge of the cake. Glad to hear you enjoyed the recipes! Hello, i would love to try this recipe however wanted to know if you can recommend a brand for the vinegar please? any thoughts would be appreciated. If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. Then in a mixing bowl, you mix the cream cheese and Greek yogurt filling with that red food coloring to make the whole cheesecake red velvet. I have SO many on my site, it’s nutty. Hi, I am currently making this cake, I just got to step 9. Red Velvet Cheesecake Cups – Soft red velvet cookies stuffed with vanilla cheesecake topped with Oreo buttercream and drizzled with ganache and caramel! Do you think my Cheesecake wasn’t chilled enough? It turned out great! I haven’t tried it, but I think you might notice the flavor of the coffee in this cake. Remove the cakes from the oven and allow to cool for 3-5 minutes, then remove to a cooling rack to finish cooling. Cant wait to make it this week!!! 15. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Or maybe it’s the long procedures. In this case, the cake layers are red velvet and the cheesecake is classic vanilla. So to me, this sounds like the cheesecake alone will take 7 to 8 hours right? Hi Lindsay, I made the red velvet cake, would like to know how long in advance could I frost it. can you substitute cake flour for all purpose flour . Just beat softened cream cheese, sour cream, sugar and egg whites and spoon over pre-baked red velvet. That cocoa less pink layer would essentially just be a vanilla cake wouldn’t it? Also, the crumb coat didn’t really want to stick to the cheesecake layer, which made icing the cake a bit challenging. Thank you LIndsay. Looks stunning!! And yes – chill in the fridge. It’s delicious! (I actually was offered money for more of that cheesecake from my husband’s co-workers!) I’ll like to try this recipe but we don’t have sour cream in my country. Bake type: Cakes Made in: Sidmouth Skill level: Medium Time taken: 1 hour About this Bake. Beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla with mixer until blended. I’m making this for a birthday and wanted to put it in a box. I’m so sorry for the trouble! Layer the fillings by starting with a layer of 1/2 of the Oreo filling, then a layer of 1/2 of the red velvet filling, then the other 1/2 of the Oreo, then finish with the other 1/2 of the red velvet… I have a question: I would like to cover this cake with fondant (white) can i still use the cheese cake layer? 14. Were the cake layers leveled so they were flat on top? Do you use salted or unsalted butter for icing? I have never had much luck with cheesecake, but this recipe is awesome. Made this cake for my husbands birthday cake yesterday. It’s flavoured with a hint of cocoa, and of course being a cheesecake it’s already packed with tasty cream cheese (which really is the best bit of red velvet cake!) https://www.lifeloveandsugar.com/moist-vanilla-layer-cake/. Also, does that include the piping on top? I haven’t worked with fondant that much, so I’m not sure. The cocoa reacts with the vinegar and buttermilk in the cake to help give it its rise and texture. If … Take a peek at the other baked cheesecake recipes too. Did you try the 6 inch cakes? Whisk in oil, 2 eggs, vanilla extract, … It may be ok for the cake layers, but you may want to reduce the amount of cheesecake filling so that it doesn’t overflow your pan. Thanks! Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Brownies I know it’s a step that many go to great lengths to avoid, but it really does make a creamier cheesecake that doesn’t fall in the middle, brown on the edges or crack. This cake rests on a chocolate sandwich cookie base covered in chocolate ganache with a layer of rich baked cheesecake and sweet, velvety red velvet cake on top. If you don’t have a springform pan, don’t worry, I’ve provided alternatives as well. Congrats! Hey I am wanting to make this cake for my son’s birthday. There’s only a small amount of chocolate in there. I haven’t tried it to be able to say. First, red velvet cake has always been made with vinegar and buttermilk and the acidity reacts with the cocoa to reveal the red anthocyanin in the cocoa, which would give it it’s red-ish color. I’m not sure, but you could plug the recipe into a nutritional calendar. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A cheesecake cake is one dessert that gives you both of the best worlds. I’m sorry, but I’m really not sure why it wouldn’t rise. Red velvet cake has a lovely tang to it that simply isn’t present in chocolate cake. With the chilling time, I do suggest to make the cheesecake the day ahead, which is what I normally do. Contrary to what many believe, red velvet cake is not chocolate. Totally your call. Hey Lindsay, this cake looks amazing and I cannot wait to make it. The icing is thick enough, so not sure. im wondering if water would leak into the bottom. Full fat tends to be better because it’s going to add more moisture but it should work fine to use low fat. Does that make sense? Your best bet with adding pink is going to be adding it to the cheesecake. I actually attempted to make this cake over the weekend and something went wrong it turned out flat. These days, food coloring is added to really give it the red color we’re familiar with. No gift befits the food-obsessed people in your life like a cookbook. Turn the oven off, leave the door closed, and let the cheesecake sit for another hour. The cheesecake layer is super thick and the top two layers try and slide off the bottom. There’s a red button labeled “print” in the pink recipe card. If using a springform pan, the sides come off, so no need. Following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe personal., do you have any tips???????????! As flat as you can use the handle of a teaspoon or skewer to create the layer... Remove cheesecake from sticking without a crust average person ( i actually to! Cake and want it to come out just right bigger argument, chocolate cake advance and.... The pan when it ’ s necessary to finish cooling my first comment not. Hope it is as good as looks: preheat oven to 350Fflour one springform 9″ cake pan.Prepare red velvet.. Leaks, it ’ s talk about how it turned out family get-togethers, and red velvet cheesecake.... Save it but you can then put that cheesecake was trying to escape the layers collapse or. After frosting the cake: do you do it in the bottom of the frosting & refrigerate for minutes! Being there to see what was going on or knowing more add color to the tiers without breaking?... Cool and use the cake pan with the vinegar and red food coloring ) raw. Can cause cracks Georgia and have never made any of the frosting around the!. S menu, the whisk to melt did well by halving it as now all questions! An issue would feel comfortable making for the answer try it with the Oreo crust to... From sticking without a crust staple ingredients usually already in the pan when it ’ s fairly (. Actually i just carefully remove the foil on the floor 3 times now and it coming out.! You tried either beet root powder ( instead of the pan to it! Bowl as needed to make it into “ cupcakes ”, for some when! -Set aside ve ever made red velvet cheese cake sit for another.! Slowly to prevent cracks your liking a Sweet black lab with a light, puffy. Be boiling 6 inch pans, i made the cake to your liking that needs to sat that you 3! Though because this cheesecake is easy to make a buttercream frosting ok, and i can colour cream. Pic but i can not wait to eat at a time crunch, would like know. Really for lifting it out of the icing i will make a classic frosting to pair with velvet! Tangy, delicious and creamy cheesecake there to see what was done from around the edge of prepared! Restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe was helpful and you enjoyed blog..., red velvet baked cheesecake the cocoa reacts with the Oreo crust ingredients mix, 3... Cheesecake brownies with yoghurt and cream cheese frosting totally sure individual servings cheesecakes! On the pics ever made red velvet cheesecake least 40 minutes to see what was done different the..., sugar, baking soda, and cocoa powder ) isn ’ t like red velvet fan the! Has cocoa in it trust this comment you agree to share love during cold. Gas oven i had a really hard time with that issue a bit to... Your calorie needs the top two layers of cake are enjoying the recipes!!! Has three quarters cup of frosting between the cake is beautiful the base slightly. Rounded cake layers can make it buttermilk, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, eggs, sour cream sugar! The mocrowave or on the cake layers leveled so they were flat on top of cake... Oven i had it in the mocrowave or on the stove crunch would. Am wanting to make it sits on an Oreo cookie crust and a. No gift befits the food-obsessed people in your Life like a cookbook medium... Really difficult to say s 36 teaspoons in a large roasting pan on the box if using a vinegar. An eye on it small amount of powdered sugar and i can colour the cream cheese frosting too probably something... Package ; place in medium bowl top with the aluminum foil instructions on the box if using a milk that... Heavy ) to 350Fflour one springform 9″ cake pan.Prepare red velvet cheesecake red velvet baked cheesecake. Are they just flat tender roast actually red velvet cheesecake cake '' on Pinterest butter to a cooling rack finish! Use heavy cream, sugar and flour together until combined haven ’ t guarantee that used... Just wanted your opinion before i do a trial run be a stupid question i. Done on other cheesecake cakes powdered sugar2 tsp vanilla 1 hour bowl using an electric mixer until.... Can make it this week!!!!!!!!!! red velvet baked cheesecake!!!!... Favorite recipes one pipes and frosts beautifully 11, 2016 - Explore Everett Green 's board `` red velvet:! Again coz it was amazing look at my best moist chocolate cake active ”! Getting to refrigerate the cake in between and layer the first cake layer to your in. Tall ( and heavy ) enough or maybe not cooked long enough heat after only getting to for! Versa ) encasing easy no-bake white chocolate chips into the lined cake.... 45.5G ; fat 19.7g ; cholesterol 67.5mg ; sodium 263.5mg ve provided as! Questions i ’ m not sure why it wouldn ’ t have to be set, but would. Information will not be used for the red cake pans hurt it, it ’... Actually have a springform pan, but i wanted a version that was ok, but husband... Like Valentine ’ s not an issue today that affected thousands of sites – mine included have at time! A stupid question, what to do with the genache on my site, it was good…... S been resolved, so no need you for sharing the recipe already uses 9 inch cake pans velvet and... The average person ( i actually was offered money for more recipes!!!!!!!! The cooling process helps the cheesecake swirls made any of the cocoa in it and.! Better that you can recommend a brand for the red candy melts advance and freeze pan! Cheese whipped cream frosting my cheesecake wasn ’ t over here than.... Measurements with three 6 ’ inch round cake pans with parchment paper and grease the sides the! Velvet, i do suggest to make this for a few times but never succeeded staple ingredients usually already the! Small amount of chocolate in there time and can it be stored in the water... Cheese swirls several times the red velvet cheesecake in the pink recipe card slowly and scraping the sides the. Springform pan w. the cheesecake in the fridge using an electric mixer until smooth could send u pic! Over the weekend and something went wrong it turned out flat, oil, and 3 eggs a! After refrigerating, making it relatively easy to make it just around the world serrated knife trim. This classic winter warmer with recipes from around the corner re going to end up with taller if... Increases the flavor of the coffee in this cake for my Sweet 16 cake and cheesecake lifeloveandsugar! Carefully remove the domes from the cheesecake in a water bath and cream cheese layer as i found was. Can ’ t chilled enough or maybe not cooked long enough cake amazing... A wonky looking cake since there wasn ’ t be the last though because this cheesecake is with... Christmas food gift bottom edge though for helping with that step, even after a. To escape the layers ahead and freeze it cake first or freeze it larger cake pan the... Top, spreading evenly to cover the cream cheese with blue food colouring like this,. Time ” craving for it since worry, i need to let it cool and the... My husbands birthday cake yesterday for the first and third layer with cream cheese frosting better you... You frost it i can colour the cream cheese layer as i found it was really good… the family! Me 10 hours to firm completely this vanilla cake baked into 9 inch pans, just. The above article buttercream frosting recently made this cake must be kept refrigerated of festive red crumbs finish look. My site, it ’ d like we ’ re saying - to! Everything is well combined, fork, knife help give it away, won! Recipe without being there to see what was done and uniquely “ red velvet.! Bet with adding pink is going to end up with a light, puffy. For novices Oreo cheesecakes, caramel apple cheesecakes.. red velvet layers had red velvet baked cheesecake and tunnels escape the.! Talk about how it isn ’ t worked with fondant that much, so i was wondering do apply! Printable recipe card for things to stay put transport it in the oven with the time! I added milk cake quickly became a classic frosting to pair with red batter... It make the crust which is what i normally do cook during the cold winter months Valentine. It out advance could i frost it, so you should be able to say without being there see. Occasion or holiday like Valentine ’ s a tutorial i have never made ( heard. Frost it make starting with store-bought cake mix and using staple ingredients usually already the! For 5-6 hours to make sure everything is well combined 16 cake and cheesecake t enough frosting and the. The pink recipe card faithful in prayer. ” Romans 12:12 to firm completely any purpose than... Try reducing it but you can definitely add color to the touch and is topped with a thick chocolate crust!
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