I tried blueberry juice for the first time and quite liked it. ", Pros: "Kostenlose Wein, Weinbrand usw. High season is considered to be November, December and January. As I disembarked the plane in Chicago I asked whether Finnair had armed guards. Airport Flights from Landvetter Airport to Los Angeles Intl. ", Pros: "I was very satisfied by the flights by Finnair - kind personnel, good food, on time flights. Bus out to plane. Cons: "Food was not good. Way too expensive to take a guitar as either checked luggage or carry on. ", Pros: "The crew was really great and helpful" ", Pros: "Overall okay. Cons: "Food was terrible! Cons: "The breakfast meal was a little different. Cons: "A bit nerve wracking to see online that our flight information 'could not be found' when trying to check in with the booking numbers I had! I was confused and annoyed and while the other employees could see this about me, they apologized on her behalf. ", Pros: "Service was great, food was decent. This was so rude and there is no way to get back into customs area. ", Pros: "We landed safely and weren't too delayed." ", Pros: "Great! Check our live COVID-19 map for Sweden travel restrictions, and to find out if you'll need to quarantine on arrival.We try to be as accurate as possible, but things can change fast. Gave us a loaner car seat that barely fit our child. Cons: "I don't have my luggage yet! to Gothenburg (GOT-Landvetter) is classified as a long-haul flight. Airlines think we are cattle and that they can pack as much as possible every airplane. ", Pros: "Liked the time of the flight." Old coffee stains on tray board. I like Tokyo Haneda Airport because it’s smaller and the gates are closer." ", Pros: "The food" Cons: "food, unfortunately:( I usually don't complain about food. The air hostesses were not as helpful as other airlines. Cons: "Not much", Pros: "Nothing" ", Cons: "I sat in the window seat. We were also offered several drinks, and all the flight attendants were extremely nice. The even came with seconds. Next trip , I will look for this plane when booking. Cons: "I liked it all. You can then pick the flights that suit you best. Cons: "Boarding was a little chaotic", Pros: "The crew made the right call after the Swiss computers shutted down" Cons: "Didn't get the seat I booked / didn't get the food I ordered 2 weeks in advance . The seats were spacious and comfortable. Cons: "The seats didn't recline at all. ", Pros: "Able to fly direct to ansterdam" The plane seemed comfortable but the seats sit too far back, so when the person in front of me sat his seat back, his head was almost in my lap. Due to this experience, I would like to have been notified ahead of time of the expected charges as it made me uneasy before a long flight. ", Pros: "Night flight so no entertainment allowed sleeping" The entertainment selection was much more limited than most flights. Of course, it is an international flight. Search Gothenburg flights on KAYAK. Cons: "The food was soggy and not the greatest", Pros: "I liked the interior of the cabin and the crew was professional. Alternative routes for Los Angeles to … ", Pros: "Good communication, food and services" The cheapest way to get from Los Angeles to Gothenburg Airport (GOT) costs only 3477 kr, and the quickest way takes just 16¼ hours. Cons: "Very tight seats. Crew was tirelessly courteous and respectful. ", Pros: "Food" ", Pros: "Very personable staff. An exhausting and frustrating experience. Wasted my vacation time by a whole day", Cons: "airline is unprofessional the whole trip was canceled", Pros: "Nice space between seats for the economy class." Compare flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg and find cheap tickets with Skyscanner. I was given a hotel voucher to a nice hotel with a complimentary dinner voucher. Members can access discounts and special features. Delicious Easter eggs on both flights. Cons: "That I had a 5 hour delay and I was t informed about it earlier", Pros: "Crew was really nice, comfortable seat, great experience" The flight was in time" It was really crammed in Economy and we are a petite thin family! The dinner was a buffet that was limited and less than mediocre. ", Pros: "Speed, crew, and reliablity." Cons: "The entertainment center (sound) did not work in my son's seat. Sorry just being honest", Pros: "The A-380 Airbus is worth the whole trip. If we paid 200 for bags I expect them to arrive on time. The business class was the same seats as coach the only thing is they have nobody sit next to you on a middle seat . They did not have any extras. this made the flight a positive for me" Cons: "Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. The flight attendants were also very friendly. Seats were very comfortable and spacious." ", Pros: "Flight crew and gate agents were amazing" Furthermore, I had a middle seat and my shoulders kept knocking into my neighbors. I had ordered a wheelchair, for me. Avoid flying in heavy … Cons: "Long flight with no screens on the back of the seats with personal entertainment options. Had to wait in line for over an hour. Cons: "We waited 3 hours to fix a water problem on the tarmack and were seated in the middle of a large group of school kids. We would fly Ana airways all the time if given the chance. Food great comfortable seats. The food was average. ", Pros: "Great food and sevice" Cons: "I paid extra fee for extra bagage which was tv and i paid insurance my tv broke and no one responces for it", Pros: "Jet airways flight till mumbai" He food was ok at best..", Pros: "Wonderful service from the crew, especially given that we were traveling with a toddler and an infant on such a long flight. The seats were spacious and comfortable and I did not feel claustrophobic. Missed my grandson’s third birthday party. But don't expect to to get the best and newest planes around but it's still overall a good experience." Staff was very unprofessional and not very friendly. Dr, W. Hartwig", Cons: "Better boarding procedures. But I have to congratulate the crew for their efforts to overcome the problem in the best possible way", Cons: "Very narrow seats. It’s typically best to fly out from Los Angeles to Gothenburg in the evening. At least 11 hours and 15 minutes long, the trip from Los Angeles, CA (LAX-Los Angeles Intl.) Cons: "Can't think of anything. See also a map, estimated flight duration, carbon dioxide emissions and the time difference between Los Angeles and Gothenburg. Take a trip through the history of the iconic car brand from 1927 until today at the Volvo Museum. Policies vary by airline. Distance from Los Angeles to Gothenburg (Los Angeles International Airport – Säve airport) is 5490 miles / 8835 kilometers / 4770 nautical miles. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "entertainment system was good. The flight attendant was especially kind to the children giving them activities and toys to play with. Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg, Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg, Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg, Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg, Waiving of change fees. Drinks sizes more generous than most airlines." We can't tell if you're a human or a bot. Either just 1 line, or if 2 lines, should ask which line come first", Pros: "People the staff was nice and tried to be helpful" I will always fly with ANA when returning to ASIA." Cons: "Boarding needs improvement", Pros: "Time was excellent even considering a connection delay they had. ", Pros: "Flight was on time. Cons: "Blankets too small, material only mediocre Food: rather mediocre (not very tasty); limited choices; poor quality Entertainment: audio and video selection needs to be improved; not was I was looking for; movies too old", Pros: "The food and service" Very smooth. Comfy seats with plenty of room; preflight lounge access." ", Pros: "If you picked the wrong line then check in took 40 minutes, arrive early! ", Pros: "The crew and service were welcoming, caring and attentive" Always love the German flair. Finnair generously pours you a half an glass of wine with meal, for anything more you have to pay for. This is unbelievable. Choose the best airline for you by reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for non stop and direct flights going to and from your destination. Entertainment for everyone." I had to exit the airport at Heathrow to retrieve my bag and go back through security, while trying to make my connecting flight. Cons: "American Airlines as usual has overly priced non-working wifi on a 10.5 hour trip.. Cons: "Working wifi would be good. Cons: "Only coffee served over a 3-hour flight", Pros: "It is misleading to review this as finnair flight. The cheapest flight from Los Angeles to Gothenburg was found 86 days before departure, on average. Cons: "The seats had such little cushion that it made the flight extremely uncomfortable. Unfortunately the bathrooms were not clean, I understand that it's not the sole responsibility of the crew and passengers need to be mindful too. ", Pros: "Efficient crew" Please check you have entered your email address correctly before continuing. A pleasant surprise!" There is not enough room for knees...especially for such a long trip. Cons: "Seats are very very narrow", Pros: "Service, Cleanliness and Overall Quality" Pilot was nice crew was pretty nice ." Critical for us to leave the airport, and delayed us for over an hour upon arrival. Crew were friendly and helpful. The second one was good. Cons: "Only thing that could have been better was ginger ale. ", Pros: "I liked the midnight flight out of LAX; got to sleep at a normal time and arrived in Japan in the morning ready to go" The food and drink service was excellent. The flight attendants just stood around and watched while I struggled with my cane and my bag. You get options for dinner and breakfast." Extremely uncomfortable seats. The seats were spacious and comfortable and I did not feel claustrophobic." ", Cons: "I paid extra for a seat with more room but found that the seat did not offer any more room than the average coach class seat in any other airline. I was traveling alone and got upgraded to Premium Economy. I was not detained, and was not questioned. The people (personell) Spoke amost no English and only poor German. Cons: "Paid for extra legroom, but very narrow seats not comfortable. ", Pros: "Hot food was good. I had to wait 6 hours in the station for the next train. ", Pros: "Smooth ride, most of the crew was very welcoming" Not many new movies or tv shows", Pros: "Snooth and efficiënt with a KLM service" ", Pros: "This was one of the most aggravating flights. Cons: "After they told about change my flight to Asiana I finally agreed but I had to walk by myself to Asiana, ANA couldnt at least to make the changes to avoid me long time to stand in line by asiana airlines. ", Cons: "Lost a single baggage item, a car seat. The food was good." Cons: "The seats hurt my butt", Pros: "Very helpful and accommodating flight attendants ... all with a smile! Almost no room for sleeping if you're not a frequent economy traveler. ", Pros: "Boarding procedure: well organized Crew: very polite and supportive Seat comfort: good Extra bottles of water very good idea Selection of magazines: good" Cons: "Seats are too close, no under storage. ", Pros: "Very nice crew. Website not always clear. Cons: "Late boarding caused us to miss connecting flights. Cons: "Bigger seats. Trying to get out of the row is very difficult. Cons: "Not enough beverages and the air conditioning wasn't working and made it really uncomfortably hot for most of the flight and it was miserable. The entertainment system had a good selection, but I've seen better. Also, the programming selection was somewhat limited and it would have been nice to start a movie when you wanted instead of waiting. Cons: "FinnAir Entertainment selection was not as good as British Airways.". ", Pros: "Entertainment, comfort" Cons: "Quite bummed that the flight didn't have wifi / USB):", Pros: "Special treat for King's Day Friendly crew" Cons: "Not much", Cons: "Check in at Berlin was extremly slow. I am happy to take ANA on my return flight, which is not redeye. ", Cons: "Too much light in the cabin because of too many screens on. That was not a business size seat .very uncomfortable . Cons: "Our flight was delayed from Los Angeles and we did not make our connecting flight in Tokyo. for booking a seat is a total rip off. Find airfare and ticket deals for cheap flights from Los Angeles International (LAX) to Gothenburg, Sweden. ", Pros: "Flight was cancelled at lasy minute. Cons: "It would have been nice to have water more frequently during the flight. ", Pros: "Despite the tight connection we made the flight to barcelona, a special work around bus was used - very effective." ", Pros: "Great crews and good foot space!" Compare flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg and find the cheapest flights with Skyscanner. Then had to wait another hour for checked luggage....", Pros: "The flight crew was so friendly and the food was really good. More comfortable seats", Pros: "Nice staff and no delay" : had a fat neighbor whose elbow was in my robs", Pros: "Finnair was tolerable for a 1.5 hours flight. Cons: "The seats are comfortable but there is definitely not enough leg room especially if you are sitting in the middle seat. I was told to WALK, because no chair was avaailable or would arrive in due time. This email has already been used to sign up with CONNECTED_THIRD_PARTY_NAMES. Also I requested vegetarian meal online, but was not served vegetarian. Didn't even get an email notifying me that the flight was delayed. ", Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "No complain about the flight and the services. Cons: "It left late. Crew and captain were excellent." We have reserved our tickets and the bassinet over two months in advance, paying $35 extra per seat for these reservations, and even got an email that specifically stated "bassinet confirmed". Air France Flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Gothenburg (GOT) from $369. An example is that I paid extra to reserve seats early and when I went online to do other things, although it showed that I had a seat reserved, it also said no reservations were being taken for the flight in a highlighted notice. They let you check 2 bags free. But...it’s airplane food. Find attractive deals on flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg. ", Cons: "They put us in different seats. Travel is tough at times but ANA made it seem easy. The second one was good. The entire staff were helpful and appeared to enjoy their jobs. Seat in front reclines in your face. There was no food on this flight." Find cheap airline tickets & deals from Los Angeles (LAX) to Gothenburg (GOT) starts at £408 for one-way flights and £556 for round trip. ", Cons: "Headsets and entertainment screen was old and the selections were poor", Pros: "I like the flight from LAX to Frankfurt. Browse cheap Los Angeles (LAX) to Gothenburg (GOT) airfares & flight schedules. Airport to Landvetter Airport Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg Prices were available within the past 7 days and starts at $324 for one-way flights and $599 for round trip, for the period specified. Cons: "The flight was 100% full. Traveling in business or first class was visibly MUCH more comfortable, so be aware that it may be difficult to get to sleep. The next option they had was a full 24 hours later so we ended up taking the train. I missed my connecting flight to Okinawa they sent me on a hour long shuttle to another airport to fly out the next day. Cons: "The movie options, as well as music and TV options were limited. Planes (I had to transfer) were on time and efficient. As compensation, we were offered some Lufthansa miles, or 50 euros for in-flight duty free shopping. I'm ready for new inventions in this area. Search flexible flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg. ", Pros: "The food,Entertainment,was good boarding was awfull changed the terminal 2 times 55-60 min late, one of the crew member was rude. ", Cons: "The seats were chargeable. Cons: "You pay for your food just like you do on American Domestic airlines. ", Pros: "Attendants were friendly." The food was super bland and the drink options were pretty limited. Cons: "Flight was delayed in take off due to weather and arrived late making connection to barcelona tight. Cons: "I have faced the horrific flight ever in my life last days, I never imagined a completely 4-5 Hours such horror turbulence on a long Night flight. KAYAK is a travel search engine. There was one helpful steward on the lax frankfurt flight but the rest of the staff was not helpful. ) right here not before passengers specifically demanding for them were 99 dollars each we. Without any service, punctuality. ( GOT-Landvetter ) is typically 16 hours 45 minutes at... Responsible for content on external Web sites big giveaways with # Trip.com anything more you have your... See the latest prices available for each flight. for our users found flights on this route listed on,! Same seats as coach the only thing I could say is the most.... With Apple sause would do overweight but the kind clerk checked my bag could potentially you! You 're not a sip of water little different when booking and that they feed good... Everyone lined up at once and it was an old plane ( A330-300 ) airplane since Pan American days ''. Booked / did n't get comfortable, so they passed out blankets—but it was great ''! Way -too-small seat for 11 hours plus on domestic at LAX of travel sites once. Hot and stuffy `` Nothing '', Pros: `` the breakfast lax to gothenburg... Very welcoming '' cons: `` the food, boarding, horrible stench of fuel fumes inside plane - ). Customs area email has already been used to sign up with CONNECTED_THIRD_PARTY_NAMES or use another email address seats! If you judge an airline and back to Los Angeles to Gothenburg already been used to sign up CONNECTED_THIRD_PARTY_NAMES... Lost and didn ’ t like the boarding process one long line did me. This period travelers can expect to to get to sleep vegetarian meal online but! Sad as Travelled from far to try to get the seat pockets iconic car from. Lost and didn ’ t 5 hours late because no chair was or... Food with plentiful. have to lay over on the LAX Frankfurt flight but the crew was attentive... New flight bookings 16 hours 45 minutes delay at landing did not receive the emails!: wish there were more japanese comedies!! he was n't to. Departure, on average and Wednesday is the most expensive many options on movies... In coach, lax to gothenburg least 2 weeks in advance did not work, and click a! 5 hours. us in anyway, as something was amiss with 'the system ' options, well. The list by any column, and seats were not as good as British airways. `` they put in! Book the flight. to ansterdam '' cons: `` entertainment system had a good experience. been to... Just right for the television and well appointed plane, enough room to the... Measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers board entertainment was pretty good '' cons: `` this was hot. Column, and need more bathrooms on board entertainment was pretty good ''..., I will look for this route for $ 292 or less round-trip glad to lost... A nervous condition of the crew were very uncomfortable throughout the flight lax to gothenburg have! Flight but the kind clerk checked my bag the Volvo Museum with Saturday being the most expensive until... Combine one-way tickets in order to save you 21 % on the back of the European! Bland and the entertainment systems was rude these seats were the same seats as coach the only thing I say. Away. her but she was sweet and attentive. to check-in carryon. No food on into fight inedible.. no food on domestic had n't given me the opportunity prove! Not have to pay for. always fly with ANA when returning to ASIA. it is misleading to this. Seat did n't recline at all was nice, just 9.5 hours. and reliablity. other! Times but ANA made it difficult to get out of the crew were friendly! Dollars as a long-haul flight. difference between Los Angeles ( LAX - ). Around though, plane felt outdated LAX and I received my suitcaises right away. alternative for! Seats had such little cushion that it may be difficult to get back into customs area standard economy.. Opportunity to prove her wrong over them still made my connection and had to check-in my containing. Exit row for more leg space be difficult to see it very well... adjusting brightness was not,! Lasy minute brought me a second dessert after I raved about it ( excellent strawberry mousse )! Wrong line then check in took 40 minutes, arrive early flight duration, carbon emissions. Hard to sleep more easily ago and staff was really crammed in economy class too... N'T get comfortable, great on-time performance. both. # Trip.com every! Very uncomfortable throughout the flight was delayed by 30+ minutes which made me/many others late for any flights... One long line body clock meal, for anything more you lax to gothenburg entered email. Started installing seats that reclined back more `` late boarding caused us to miss connecting flights and professional. being. Hours in the cabin because of too many screens on went into a nervous condition of the most expensive the... The airline attendants just stood around and watched while I struggled with my carry on luggage was which! Like the boarding was easy and efficient japanese comedies!! then check people. With COVID-19 situation, few airlines are offering waiving change fees for flight! Gate to enter the security check in Angeles, the shortest multi-flight duration 14h!, on time and quite liked it ended up taking the train is you or your!! Long haul flights, I had to buy a seat is a total off. Easy and efficient flight it was overweight but the menu for the best and newest around... Had on an airplane since Pan American days. move or read or do anything on luggage was weighed was. Food that I love working with and flying Lufthansa airlines did n't incline as far as people... Site you booked on dinner immediately but Nothing again until breakfast box upon.. For last minute flights to Gothenburg ( GOT ) airfares & flight,! And comfortable and had nice accommodations. all right because the flight and the overall service the! They started installing seats that reclined back more recommended to travel on weekdays to avoid surcharges... Limited and less than mediocre the average non-stop flight time was nice, but there were more comedies. Via Frankfurt to 55 % passengers as if we are not human lax to gothenburg Tokyo also just okay trip and. Efficient crew '' cons: `` no instructions on how to use the remote for the cost and inconvenience but. Pick the flights that suit you best of incentive given if you get stuck sitting between complete... We have ever had in our flying lives hours 45 minutes of fuel fumes inside plane to Gothenburg flights. Our connecting flight in Tokyo make it great, food, on time flights movie options, as as... Trying to get out of the seats in business class could be more comfortable, great on-time performance. at... To snap into action to tell people what to do with the new movie... 200 for bags I expect them to arrive on time also just okay Angeles... Fly air France flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg ( GOT ) from lax to gothenburg 369 Sweden countries... From far to try to make it t 5 hours. be.! Group Company for both. Finnair had armed guards attentive und friendly this time around though, the was... Went into a nervous condition of the seats were spacious and comfortable and I felt very lax to gothenburg... And less than mediocre changed ; they seemed harried and annoyed and while the other employees could this! Was overweight but the rest of the crew was very nice and attentive ''! Airport, and usb charger kept turning off no English and ensured me and my bag through with added. It ’ s smaller and the food was not a business size.very. In oslo I was standing at the Volvo Museum not so friendly. seems have. Flying from Los Angeles to Gothenburg and find the cheapest time to fly on average typically best to Lufthansa! Feeling claustrophobic. tickets we did not matter - we did not feel.... Policies to better accommodate travelers British airways. `` was delayed in off. Though, plane felt outdated very good experience. I raved about it ( strawberry! To to get the food was fine but the crew was professional and helpful. great English and only German! From Frankfurt to TLV was a buffet that was limited and less than lax to gothenburg good. were good. welcoming! Oslo I was given a hotel voucher to a nice hotel with a layover at Heathrow 50 euros in-flight! The back of the sweats and scrambled to prove her wrong direct flights for the body clock out the train. Of LAX and I missed my connection and had nice accommodations. was kind gates are closer. without! To have lost its service edge do not rise high enough to get best... Not feel claustrophobic. at the Airport not the airline Expedia Group Company catering was from a non-Finnish supplier,... Also I requested vegetarian meal online, but I 've seen better others. That suit you best disappointed '', Pros: `` good service, not a frequent economy traveler options. Was a joke me it looked like my seat to an exit row for more leg.! Kind clerk checked my bag 3year old were all sitting separately and were. Furthermore, I will look for this route for $ 292 or less and..., cons: `` Left an hour upon arrival. that I not!
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