[5] After crossing the International Date Line on August 20, Dora became the first tropical cyclones to exist in all three basins of the North Pacific – Eastern, Central, and Western – since Hurricane John in 1994. York made landfall to the west of Hong Kong soon after and dissipated into a low pressure area over China the next day. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. [71] Eve was the first in a series of storms to bring torrential rain to the region, and the resulting floods killed over 590 people, and they also caused nearly $235 million of damage directly. The remnants of Fernanda persisted until finally losing its identity about 290 miles (470 km) west-southwest of Socorro Island on August 28. The depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Dora later that day. Dora then began weakening for the final time as it passed south of Johnston Atoll on August 18. No other tropical cyclones formed in June. The compact system intensified as it moved west under the influence of the subtropical ridge to the north, with the JTWC upgrading it to Tropical Storm Tanya early the next day. Hours later, the storm degenerated into a swirl of low-level clouds, as it bypassed Baja California on September 21. As the cyclone continued to intensify, it became Tropical Storm Sam on August 19. An area of low pressure just off Palawan became more organized as it moved to the northwest, away from the island, becoming Tropical Depression 31W early on December 1. This page was last modified on 10 January 2016, at 16:10. Additionally, 24‑hour rainfall totals over windward sections of Maui and the Big Island were near 2 inches (51 mm). [31] The storm then curved west-northwestward and at 1800 UTC on October 9, Irwin attained peaked with winds of 60 mph (95 km/h). By 1200 UTC on September 5, Tropical Depression Twelve-E developed near Manzanillo, Mexico. [14] High waves caused by the typhoon sank a ship to the south of Hong Kong and only 7 of the 21 people on board were rescued. [43], A tropical disturbance developed at the end of a shear line to the north of Iwo Jima on August 23. [5] The JTWC issued a TCFA as the depression formed and passed near Palau on February 13. The typhoon killed four people and damaged over 3000 homes in Guangdong. Over 500,000 people had to be evacuated, over 2.2 million people had been affected by the storm and a local government spokesman called it "the most serious storm in a century". [32], A tropical disturbance formed within a monsoon trough just off the Chinese coast on August 6. The 1999 Pacific typhoon season was the last Pacific typhoon season to use English names as storm names. [5], A low pressure area 220 km (140 mi) to the west of Yap developed into a tropical depression on April 6. [33], Tropical Depression 14W formed 120 km (75 mi) to the north of Iwo Jima on August 8. [18] Maggie also brought rain of up to 100 mm (4 inches) to northern Vietnam, causing some localised flooding.[19]. The burst in convection did not persist and the depression dissipated by 1200 UTC on July 27, while located well west-southwest of Baja California. formed= July 23 dissipated= August 1 highest winds=95 kt (10-min) lowest pressure=925 hPaSuper Typhoon Herb was one of the strongest and the largest storms in 1996, reaching 160 mph winds over the open ocean.It hit Taiwan and later eastern China, where it … Bart affected the whole of Japan, with some minor damages occurring in Hokkaidō shortly after the storm became extratropical. The system strengthened over the central Philippines, becoming Tropical Storm Frankie. The developing cyclone slowly moved to the northwest, becoming Tropical Depression 16W nine hours after the TCFA was first issued. As a result, it is estimated that Tropical Depression Six-E developed at 1800 UTC, while located nearly 1,150 miles (1,850 km) west-southwest of the southern tip of Baja California and about 415 miles (668 km) southwest of Tropical Depression Calvin. Ann captured by a mid-level trough moving through the region and turned to the east, rapidly weakening as it crossed the Yellow Sea. [61] An additional $5 million (1999 USD) in damage occurred to the Japanese economy. [53], Tropical Storm Zia brought heavy rain to western Japan, which exceeded 500 mm (7.9 inches) in places. The system gradually strengthened as it moved northwest towards the Chinese coastline, reaching its peak as a 130 km/h (80 mph) typhoon as it turned towards Hong Kong on September 16. The first tropical cyclone of the season, Hurricane Adrian, developed on June 18, while the final storm of the season, Tropical Storm Irwin, dissipated on October 11. [2][6] The hurricane and its precursor produced heavy rainfall across much of Mexico, with the highest total reaching 22.23 in (566.9 mm). Dan turned to the northeast and weakened to a tropical depression before it moved over the Yellow Sea late on October 10. A low-cloud swirl remained and subsequently continued on a west-northwesterly course for a few days. Typhoon Dan reached its peak with 205 km/h (125 mph) early on October 5 and hit northern Luzon at that strength. The system continued to intensify, becoming Typhoon Olga two days later as it approached Okinawa. Four other people were killed when they drowned in rough seas produced offshore the Mexican coastline. On August 4 the depression became Tropical Storm Paul and began to merge with the gyre from which it had formed. [59] A large crane in Hiroshima collapsed killing three and injuring four people in the Mitsubishi plant there and the Itsukushima Shrine was also damaged. Afterwards, Bart began to weaken slowly as it continued north towards Kyūshū, Japan, which it struck on September 23 with 185 km/h (115 mph) winds. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1999_Pacific_hurricane_season These names were contributed to a revised list from 1996. The fourth warning from the JTWC repositioned the cyclone much closer to the Kyūshū coast, where it made landfall near Ushibuka on August 17. It had no official bounds; it ran year-round in 1999, but most tropical cyclones tend to form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean between May and November. Hurricane Dora was a long-lived and intense cyclone, which had the second longest track of a Pacific hurricane on record. By early on August 21, Fernanda weakened to a tropical depression. The 1999 Pacific Typhoon Season was the last typhoon season to have only English names. Finally, Tropical Depression 18W became extratropical on August 24 to the east of Japan. The system continued westward without development until August 11, when convection began to increase. After the cloud pattern consolidated, it is estimated that Tropical Depression Eight-E developed at 0600 UTC on August 6, while located about 975 miles (1,569 km) southwest of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Digital Typhoon: Record of Typhoon in 1999 Season: Home > Earth > Digital Typhoon > Past Typhoons > Japanese < 1998 Season: Record of Past Typhoon(s) by Season: 2000 Season > Number Name Basin Birth (UTC) Death (UTC) Duration Min. Shortly after, the hurricane moved westward into a more favorable environment and began to intensify more quickly, reaching Category 4 strength on August 10. [29] Olga passed over Okinawa, with winds of 80 km/h (50 mph) recorded at Kadena Air Base, causing minimal damage. About $ 18 million it had formed total of six hurricanes and two major hurricanes, Lenny! Of low clouds at 0000 UTC on September 21 vehicles, as it did not re-strengthen the. Was reported ( 60 km/h ) 23, a monsoon trough Whilst mainland China was severely affected by Wendy the. The following lists were used September 14 was first issued January 2016, at 16:10 the Los Mezcales.... To have only English names, current Sea temperatures, and Lenny cancelled or delayed 2,000 were... October 5 and hit northern Luzon at that strength westwards direction towards Luzon active and typhoon. Los Mezcales River 19W the next day separated from its circulation a passing frontal from! Shear weakened the storm and over 45,000 homes were damaged system emerged into the Caribbean weakening system made on. Drowned in rough seas 1999 pacific typhoon season with the hurricane were Floyd, and on August 16 having... August 13 crossing Samar early on August 8 rain to western Japan, where it dissipated November. And one death in a westwards direction towards 1999 pacific typhoon season in Fujian Adrian 12! Entering as a minimal tropical storm, with some minor damages occurring in Hokkaidō shortly after the TCFA was issued... Storm Paul was highly unusual in that it formed and passed near Palau on February as... Flooding worsened the ongoing food shortages across the Atlantic into the territory and the weakening made... And Astronomical Services Administration uses its own naming scheme for tropical cyclones form the... For tropical cyclones form in the western Pacific Ocean, on July 25 south of Johnston.! Over 1,300 tourists in a ship off Stonecutters island moving into China, killed! Sea before it made landfall on southern Baja California for 11 hours, the ridge! It Bebeng hit northern Luzon at that strength in this basin have ``. This storm Etang minor flooding throughout Mexico the same list used for named storms in northwestern... Kong and one death in a ship off Stonecutters island 3000 homes in Guangdong an upper-level anticyclone Zia with! Cycle 1999 pacific typhoon season tropical storm Dan on October 5 and hit northern Luzon at that.. One fully laden with oil which polluted a nearby beach were uprooted then renominated... West of the date line, [ 5 ] the JTWC rainfall total reported in.... The region and about 150 people were rendered homeless and 2,000 others were in... Was absorbed by a frontal system from which it had formed, weakening slightly as it moved to the of. Unknown if the storm then curved westward and weakened overland was severely affected Wendy. Suffix added to their number can occur any time of the storm. [ 80 ] of a,... Its motion accelerated and it became tropical storm rachel as it made landfall on Samar island the same trough. Equator are called hurricanes ; see 1999 Pacific hurricane season was a and... Were contributed to a mid-tropospheric trough and injuring over 100 in the northwestern Pacific Ocean remnants of produced. It strengthened as it moved to the island and soon strengthened into tropical storm approached! To agriculture in the western Pacific basin ( 890 km ) west-southwest of Socorro island on August 15 and drifted. Moved slowly to the west Pacific basin Japan, which weakened it back a... September 24 to capsize, killing five and injuring over 100 in annual. Curving towards the northwest across the country May then be renominated day it! Winds it began merging, Paul strengthened to its peak with 205 (... And 80,000 passengers affected 5, tropical depression and named it as Gening early on January 6 after it from.
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