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Help Put a Front Alley Butcher Out of Business

Please note: this article contains some material which may be offensive to some readers.

Tim Wilson is in a position to put the nation's largest abortionist out of business, but he needs our help! Wilson and his wife have been protesting outside of one of Edward Allred's abortion mills for many years, saving two to five babies weekly. Recently, Wilson searched through Allred's trash (legal in California) and discovered that the medical records of 10,000 of his clients had been discarded. These records are supposed to be kept confidential. Wilson spearheaded a drive to notify each woman by mail, and many of them joined in a class-action suit against Allred. Personnel have jumped ship, leading to a 25% reduction in abortions at one abortion mill. Allred proceeded to sue Wilson. The lawsuit has no merit, but Wilson cannot afford to defend it. If Wilson can fight this lawsuit effectively, he will be able to depose Allred's personnel, leading to more defections. Furthermore, all the time spent in depositions will be time not used to kill babies. These depositions will be reasonable and necessary. But unless Wilson can defend the suit, this will never happen. Allred is responsible for approximately 100,000 abortions annually, so putting him out of business is well worth our while! Wilson is being defended by the Life Legal Defense Foundation. If you wish to help, please visit their web site.

Aside from this, I request that you join me in praying for Edward Allred and his family.

Allred's record of butchery of women

Denise Holmes, 24. Died December 21, 1970, at Allred's Avalon Hospital. Cause of death, according to the coroner, was acute cardiac insufficiency. Her uterus was covered with a yellowish-pink material, and there was hemorrhaging where the placenta had been.

Source: Los Angeles County Coroner Case No. 70-13367, cited in Kevin Sherlock, Victims of Choice, Akron, Ohio, Brennyman Books: 1996.

  • look under Denise Holmes Avalon Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles

    Patricia Chacon, 16. Died March 3, 1984, at Avalon Hospital. The abortionist was either Allred or Leslie Orleans. Ms. Chacon received two second-trimester abortions: the first was incomplete. Cause of death: hemorrhage of the uterine muscles and of the cervix. The coroner found frothy liquid in her lungs and extensive hemorrhaging in her lower pelvis.

    Sources: Los Angeles County Coroner Case No. 84-2948, article in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, 3/3/85, Los Angeles County Superior Court Case No. C536747, cited in Kevin Sherlock, Victims of Choice, Akron, Ohio, Brennyman Books: 1996.

  • look under Patricia Chacon Avalon Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles

    Mary Peņa, 43. Died December 16, 1984. Mother of five. Abortionist was either Allred or Ruben Marmet. Done at San Vicente Hospital, Los Angeles. Allred was apparently operating this facility under the license of the former owner. Cause of death was uterine and cervical hemorrhage due to damaged lining and lacerations. An emergency hysterectomy failed to save her life; she died on the operating table. There was an apparent attempted coverup. The coroner found that the victim's flesh had been cut away, and that she also retained five ounces of blood clots, and a 22 week gestational aged baby girl, whose head had been cut off.

    Source: Los Angeles County Coroner Case No. 84-16016 and Los Angeles County Superior Court Case No. C575154, cited in Kevin Sherlock, Victims of Choice, Akron, Ohio, Brennyman Books: 1996.

  • look under Mary Peņa Family Planning Associates, Los Angeles

    Laniece Dorsey, 17. Died February 6, 1986 at Allred's facility Family Planning Associates. After the abortion, Ms. Dorsey slipped into a coma and died at a nearby hospital shortly arterwards. Cause of death was cardiorespiratory arrest due to anesthetic. The coroner found blood clots and hemorrhaging surfaces in her uterus. The surface was also covered with a "thick adherent layer of fibrinous material containing moderate numbers of acute inflammatory infiltrates and red blood cells", and a large number of uterine blood vessels were blocked with blood clots. The coroner further found maroon-purple congestion, hemorrhaging, and fluid in her lungs.

    Source: Orange County Coroner Case No. 86-0682-AK and Orange County Superior Court Case No. 51-04-15, cited in Kevin Sherlock, Victims of Choice, Akron, Ohio, Brennyman Books: 1996.

    Donna Heim, 20, died at the hands of Mahlon Cannon. Cannon also mistreated seven other women, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times, 6/17/91. Cannon was ordered to turn in his medical license in July, 1991, but not before he went to work for Edward Allred. Cause of death was hypoxia from anesthesia complicated by asthma. An administrative law judge found that Cannon did not do physical exams, take medical histories or administer standard tests. Had he done so in this case, he might have known about the victim's asthma. Cannon also perforated the uterus of another woman, making a hysterectomy necessary, according to the Times article.

    Source: Kevin Sherlock, Victims of Choice, Akron, Ohio, Brennyman Books: 1996.

    Deanna Bell died under the hand of Stephen Lichtenberg, who worked at one of Allred's clinics. She is not related to Becky Bell.

    Additional information here, under Edward Allred.

    Next, I provide a summary of several health inspections that were made of one of Allred's facilities. Bear in mind as you read that this is just one facility, and that Allred owns a chain of them. His chain has performed hundreds of thousands of abortions. That is a lot of women being put at risk. The sources of this information are health inspections done by the State of California in October 1971, February 1972, April 1971, July 1974, October 1976, October 1978, September 1980, September 1982, March 1984, July 1984, and October 1984. The facility is Avalon Memorial Hospital. These health code violations are given as quoted in Victims of Choice.

    Nursing Deficiencies

  • No nurses on duty 16 of 24 hours a day.
  • Insufficient number of nurses.
  • Unlicensed nurses or uncredentialed nurses.
  • Excessive double- and triple-shifting of nurses.
  • Non-performance of doctor orders (repeat offense).
  • Technicians filling nurses' slots.
  • No or inadequate nursing supervision.
  • Nurse call signallers were or could not be turned off at nurses' station (repeat offense).

    Anesthesia Deficiencies

  • Substandard anesthesia instructions and/or care (repeat offense).
  • Inadequate or no records on anesthesia and/or other drug dosage, location of injection and/or other data (repeat offense).
  • Inadequate anesthesia staffing.
  • Missing equipment.

    Patient Care Deficiencies

  • Facility overcrowding.
  • Women given abortions, but not confirmed being pregnant.
  • Large numbers of women bedded down in gurneys instead of beds (repeat offense).
  • Lack of visual privacy (repeat offense.

    Drug Deficiencies

  • Patients given drugs without written doctor's orders.
  • Records don't list what type and dosage of drugs are given to patients.
  • Lack of control over drug stocks (repeat offense).
  • Inadequately labeled drugs (repeat offense).
  • Expired drugs (repeat offense).
  • Inadequate stocks of drugs.
  • Drugs needing refrigeration stored in a refrigerator that was not working.

    Medical Records Deficiencies

  • Incomplete patient case records, i.e. missing, incomplete and/or inaccurate information (repeat offense).
  • Refusal to show DHS examiners patient records.

    Sanitation Deficiencies

  • Autoclave unable to prevent bacteria growth on surgical instruments.
  • Autoclave broken.
  • No separation of contaminated supplies from sterilized supplies and equipment.

    Equipment Deficiencies

  • Facility admits patients with acute heart problems but isn't equipped to treat them in case of emergency.
  • Equipment for heart/pulse monitoring not verified as being unable to pose an electrical hazard to patients.
  • Major pieces of heart and/or lung equipment missing.
  • Biomedical equipment broken or missing.

    Staff and Procedure Deficiencies

  • Employees not undergoing required physical exams (repeat offense).
  • Interference with DHS inspectors (repeat offense).
  • Staff members not given required CPR training.
  • Women not receiving required physical exams (repeat offense).
  • Surgical technique considered an infection hazard to women.
  • No emergency plans for disruption of services (repeat offense).
  • Doctor performing operations without staff privileges.
  • Physician's assistant assisting in operations without staff privileges.

    This is a total of forty different kinds of health code violations. Does this sound like something other than a front alley abortion mill to you?

    More updated information will be supplied as soon as I have it.

    Allred is filthy rich. He owns many select racing horses, and a race track, among other things. There is no excuse for him shortchanging women this way.

    Finally, please note that Family Planning Associates, Allred's group, is listed numerous times in Selected National Abortion Federation Member Clinics. If the N.A.F. thinks nothing of the carelessness that Allred displays toward women's lives, what does that tell you?

    We who are pro-life feminists have been saying all along that all we accomplished when abortion was legalized was to move the back-alley abortionists to the front-alley, where they hung out a shingle and kept practicing.

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