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Why I Won't Debate

by Pat Goltz

At one time, I spent a lot of time on the discussion boards debating the issue of abortion. I have decided to discontinue that practice. I have told the people on the other side that I will no longer debate. But certain of them keep baiting me, and talking about me behind my back, saying all kinds of derogatory things. This is highly disrespectful, and I should like to point out that I have exercised my right to choose not to debate.

I wish to make a formal statement to the world about my reasons. If this issue is brought up, I'll just refer people here. That will save me a lot of time having to "explain" myself.

I have decided that I prefer to spend my time reaching out to women who are either contemplating abortion or suffering from having had an abortion. If I tell a woman that abortion is medically dangerous for some reason, and she wants documentation for that, I will give her what I have. For the rest of you, the information is on my web site. Go read it for yourself, and quit bugging me.

Some people have accused me of trying to terrorize women. Well, I think women ought to be terrified of abortion, and if I succeed in terrorizing someone, I may have saved two lives. One of the women who changed her mind because of me told me of a medical condition. If she had had an abortion, I believed, the abortionist would surely have killed her. I confirmed my belief by talking to a doctor about the particular condition. I'm not interested in saving just babies' lives. I am also interested in saving women's lives, and I am thankful that I reached out to that woman, and I am going to continue to do it. And no, I'm not going to tell you the details. That woman has a right to privacy.

People have said that providing medical studies to back up my claims isn't debating. Well, figures lie and liars figure. That's a contest that I can't win because whatever I come up with, they've got a shill who will contradict me. I refuse to play those games.

And when you get right down to it, if the abortion promoters can insist that one woman who was aborted by her boyfriend with a coathanger whose picture of her lying dead on the floor in a pool of her own blood is reason enough to make abortion legal, then I can insist that one woman dead from a legal abortion is reason enough to make it illegal again, and I don't have to prove that tens of thousands are being killed (even though they are.) As far as I am concerned, ONE DEATH IS ONE TOO MANY.

A woman can be as certain as possible that having an abortion won't cause her emotional consequences. But she can still be killed by abortion. Medical complications are no respecter of persons, so I need to warn all women, not just the ones who don't want abortions.

The fact is, abortion is inherently medically dangerous. Why? Because it is a violent disruption of a normal function of a woman's body. I don't care if you do it surgically or chemically. A woman's body is delicately balanced hormonally, and any abortion disrupts that balance in a violent way. A woman's body is designed to protect her child, and anything that attempts to overcome those defenses WILL cause damage. It is inevitable. It may be something as seemingly innocuous as microtears in her cervix. That's enough to cause prolonged labor, miscarriage, or premature birth in future pregnancies. It may also be merely an infection that can be cured with antibiotics. But that can leave a woman sterile if the scar tissue is across the entrance to both Fallopian tubes, or it can partly close off one of them, which can lead to tubal pregnancy, which is a life-threatening condition for the mother that is also a death sentence for the baby. And it may merely be a disruption in the development of the milk-producing cells in the breast, which can increase a woman's chances to have the most virulent form of breast cancer by anywhere from 50% to 250%. That has been well documented, and I have provided links to that documentation on several occasions, only to be told that the documentation was flawed. Well, I know why people want me to provide documentation of my claims. It's so that they can claim it's flawed. And in the meantime, women are dying of breast cancer and abortion. The real victims here are women who get abortions, not me. My reputation is poor among those who disagree with me, but I don't care about them. I will live to fight another day. These victims of abortion won't. So I won't play those games anymore either. It's a waste of time.

Now we have a new factor on the scene: RU-486. Not only does this disrupt the delicate balance of a woman's hormones, but it can cause hemorrhaging and death for the mother. And it necessitates several trips to the abortionist, and I have seen statistics varying from 5% to 23% that have to have a surgical abortion anyway, which means they have to endure TWO sets of risks, not just one. A woman has to go through labor (cramping) and she may see her dead baby, which can cause severe emotional trauma; she is usually alone in a medically dangerous situation; sometimes she won't have access to the backup medical care she needs for complications (true in rural areas and third world countries); it can take days and she could change her mind but it will be too late and she has to endure the rest of it anyway; and there is evidence that the drug migrates to her egg cells and can affect them. Want to bet on how many future children will be damaged by that? I don't.

And if that weren't enough, many abortionists are taking unnecessary and egregious chances with women's lives. If you don't believe that, just read my links on abortionists. I've documented it in living color, and I have tons more information where that came from. And I'm going to be spending my debate time making that available on my web site.

Abortion is nothing short of butchery of women. It's medical rape with cold instruments of death or it's poisoning a woman's body with powerful drugs. And I will continue to warn women and speak out against it, and if someone doesn't like it, that's tough. Because you know something? We who are against abortion have feelings, too. We hear so much about how so many women are hurting from unwanted pregnancies, and adoption, and other things and this and that, but doggone it! We have feelings, too, and we get to sit here and watch while women and children are being butchered wholesale, and we're not supposed to say anything about it! Sorry, folks, but I am going to CONTINUE to warn women, and the fact that people won't let up on me about the debate issue means that I will no longer hold back in what I say. EVERY WOMAN will get the full warning from me. If you don't like that, tough.

I have made my decision. I won't debate. That decision is final until further notice. Any attempt to bait me will be met with stony silence. And if you want to talk about me behind my back as a result, go right ahead. Because you know something? I saved a woman's life. And that is enough reward to make it all worth it.

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