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The Critical Thing

by pro-informed

In response to a message left on the Abortion News and Discussion Board, on January 15, 2000, entitled, "YES! this is THE crtitical thing" pro-informed said the following:

"Wow, this is a critical thing to me."

Yes, this is a critical point to examine. In fact, whether or not abortion really IS the killing of an innocent human - minus due process or even having to produce an undisputable need to - killing "on demand", is a major issue concerning this controversy.

"The thing is, let's say the Dr. or counselor believes it isn't a life."

YIKES! Let's say that same Dr. or counselor "believes" you or I are not what they would call a "life" (or have what they consider a quality of life worth living)! Can't you see the ramifications of such a dangerous definition of "life" pertaining one human's "right" to kill another human "on demand"?!?!?

"If the woman does in her heart, it is a life."

vOh come on now! So you're saying that the definition of "life" is ENTIRELY subjected to what someone "feels in their heart"? So what if pro-lifers decided (excuse me "felt in their hearts") that they considered choicers to not really be "life"? Are you seriously suggesting that an honest answer to "Is the fetus alive?" would be "well, if the woman feels in her heart it is"? That's it? That's THE determining factor defining whether life exists?

"It doesn't really matter what science or anything else says."

Well, just because it may not matter to YOU what the FACTS are, that is in my opinion a pretty pathetic excuse for pretending that "feelings" should trump the facts regarding the debate. And what about women who ASK abortion clinic counselors (or their doctors) whether or not what an abortion destroys is a life? Don't you agree that they deserve to be answered with the scientific and biological FACTS? Or do you think it's OK for the answer to reflect the personal beliefs (or maybe even financial motives) of the counselor or doctor? What about citizens who are trying to decide whether or not abortion is something they want committed in their community, something they should support (sometimes even pay for with their taxes)? Don't you think the scientific FACTS should enter into AND be considered more relevent than the "feelings" of you or some counselor or doctor? Are you admitting that the ONLY way to pretend that abortion is not the killing of innocent living humans is to simply ignore the scientific FACTS?

"I think a lot of women see their babies as a life from the minute they know they are expecting, or for some of us, even before when we started to plan for the baby. The baby was already real to us."

And exactly WHY do some women NOT realize that at the moment of conception a life has been created? Because of ignorance of the scientific facts - aided by the deception and confusion promoted by abortion industry lobby groups and choicer activists. If every woman considering abortion was granted the patient protection right of Informed Consent there would be absolutely no confusion or doubt that abortion kills life. Now there might still be some women so bent on (or so pressured to) abort that they would go so far as pretending they don't really know what they are doing... But that's simply denying the truth - not defining it.

"To try and deny that many women feel this way, whether you agree with it or not, seems very wrong to me. It seems like just another way of denying women's feelings."

Oh please... I don't see pro-lifers trying to "deny" that many women "feel" that what they are destroying by abortion is not (in their opinion) "life"! We know all too well that many choicers simply don't know the FACT that abortion kills a living being OR that they ignore the FACTS in preference for subjective beliefs! I'm curious, does it also "seem very wrong" to you when people disagree with the way some people excuse child abuse, rape, murder, genocide, racism, etc. based on the way those victims are denigrated or dehunanized by their attackers? There's nothing new (or respectable) about a person (who wants to commit violence against another innocent human) justifying that brutality by claiming the victim isn't really human or "life" after all (in the perpetrator's mind that is). Does it "seem very wrong" to you that I don't agree with the way some people "feel" that blacks are less human than whites? Are you going to chastise me for not excusing violent acts prompted by racism otherwise it would be "very wrong" for me to object and evidence that I somehow have failed to realize that racist sentiment exists?!?!? It's NOT that pro-lifers don't realize that some people "feel" what they are killing by abortion is not in their opinion "life"! We just don't buy such a shameful and weak excuse to commit the brutal killing without our objection.

While choicers may be content to ignore the biological FACT that what abortion does is cause the death of a living innocent human... or may be ignorant of that FACT... or may comfort themselves with personal beliefs that replace the truth... or may even admit it is killing but justify it somehow...

Are you really serious about proclaiming that THE definition of life is subject to nothing more than personal belief?!?!? Do you really think an honest answer to those who question whether or not abortion kills a living being is "that depends entirely on what the woman and/or her doctor feels"?

From http://discserver.snap.com/Indices/23192.html Abortion News and Discussion Board. Reprinted with permission.

Aborted Women Speak Out

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