Aborted Women Speak Out

To Those Considering Abortion


Posted on February 4, 2000

To those of you considering abortion, I want to tell you my story.

Just to give you some background on my health. When I was 15 years old, I was date raped. I in turn became pregnant as a result of this rape. I denied being pregnant and brainwashed myself that I wasn't. My older sister approached me and told me she would pay for an abortion, she too had one before. So being a young, immature teen I thought it was okay. But when she took me to the clinic, I was six months pregnant! I was barely showing. They would not perform the abortion ..Thank God ! And God totally took a bad situation and turned it into a blessing for a couple who were not able to have children.

Then when I was 19 years old and became pregnant by my then boyfriend of 23 years of age, he wanted it; I couldn't see myself going through the whole pregnancy thing again. I was selfish. So yes, I had an abortion.

In 1995, I became pregnant again and we wanted to keep our baby and were happy. I miscarried at 10 weeks. I did not have any pain or cramping, just a little bleeding. I had to have the D&C performed on my birthday.

In 1997 I became pregnant again, miscarried again, same story.... I told the nurse that I had a baby when I was 15 years old, natural childbirth...labor was two hours! The nurse said since I had carried a child to term before and had a healthy pregnancy, then it was probably due to the abortion and D&Cs from the miscarriages, which can leave uterine scarring and also may result in incompetent cervix which only results in more problems.

A month later I became pregnant again...everything was ok...although I had spotting and minor cramping during the first and second trimesters. By the time I was 4 months pregnant, I was told I had complete placenta previa. I already have Chronic Asthma, and now this!!!

My activities were very limited, no sex for the remainder of the pregnancy, no vacuuming, etc... Thank God, the placenta did move towards the end of my pregnancy. However, my water bag broke 6 weeks early. And I had to be induced because I was running a fever. My son came out at 6 lbs. and was breathing irregularly and had to be rushed to NICU. Because of the grace of God my baby was fine !!! His learning development was a little slow the first 18 months of his life, but now he is up to where he should be and beyond!

There are risks of abortion...higher miscarriage rate and early labor. These both happened to me. My OB/GYN said if I ever wanted to have more children I would most likely have the same condition of placenta previa. Currently I do not want any more children. I am a single mom and have been abstinent for over two years now.

Adoption is wonderful but it is very hard decision to make. In my situation it was easier for me because I was raped. Children do need both parents in their life; however, just because a child does not have both parents does not mean that that parent cannot be a loving parent. The majority of people I know today are from single parent family homes. I no longer believe in abortion. I do believe in adoption; however I think it is not nice to pressure someone into adoption, just because they are a single mom and they say it's hard.


Placenta previa is a very dangerous condition, which could kill both the mother and the baby. A woman who has a placenta previa will probably need a Caesarian section, and will not be able to have a homebirth.

--Pat Goltz

From Unplanned Pregnancy Discussions Reprinted with permission.

Aborted Women Speak Out

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