Aborted Women Speak Out


Posted February 6, 2000

I am reading an excellent book called 'Anatomy of the Spirit' by Carolyn Myss, PhD. I just read a paragraph that I thought really described 'choice' well.

" The fact that our cohices weave our spirits into events is the reason the major spiritual traditions are formed around one essential lesson: Make your choices wisely, because each choice you make is a creative act of spiritual power for which you are held responsible. Further, any choice made from faith has the full power of heaven behind it - which is why 'faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.' And, any choice made from fear is a violation of the energy of faith.'

Re: Choices
Posted February 7, 2000


So very true. My decision was based on fear. Fear I couldn't care for my baby by myself, fear of losing respect with my family, fear of what others would think since I am and was an unwed professional.

One thing my abortion showed me is my LACK OF FAITH in myself, God and others. When I went to a post abortion group offered by a pregnancy center in the community....I wept to find all the support and care that I needed to get through my pregnancy.

The choice I made nearly destroyed me. Only by the grace of God am I alive today. I truly feel that He brought the friends from the Pregnancy center into my life to help me to heal and to make good come from such a traumatic experience.

My abortion not only killed my little one but was painful physically and it wounded me emotionally and spiritually. The pain of which I will always carry with me. I thought that once i had the abortion my "problem" was solved...it was over...but it only had just begun...

I feel for women in such a situation. There are many wounded women out there from this experience. I hope they find the help they need.

I also hope to let women who are considering abortion know what the experience is really like. YOu won't hear my story in a Planned Parenthood pamphlet.

Choices we make definitely effect all aspects of our life in ways you might never expect.

From Unplanned Pregnancy Discussions. Reprinted with permission.

Aborted Women Speak Out

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