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Concerning the effects of the Adventist diet on a friend

Dirk Anderson

I met Kelly and his wife in 1988. At that time they were recent converts to Adventism. Kelly was an avid weight-lifter and had a well-developed upper body. We used to play raquetball together regularly.

In 1989 I moved away and did not see Kelly again for nearly six years. During that time Kelly had become associated with a radical group of Adventists who believed all of the writings of Ellen White to be inspired by God. They followed her counsel religiously. They eliminated all meat, dairy, and eggs from their diet. They eliminated other things also, such as vinegar, mustard, most sugar, etc.

When I saw Kelly again in 1995 he was different both mentally and physically. He was thin and pale, almost gaunt looking. He acted differently also. Before he was good-natured and easy-going, but now he appeared stressed and strident.

A few years later he gave up on the diet and started working out again. He started looking a lot healthier and his muscle tone seemed to improve greatly. It has been nearly two years since I last saw him, but the last I heard was that he had left the Adventist church (perhaps this indicates his mental functioning had also returned to normal).


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