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Fairy Duster

FAIRY DUSTER - Calliandra californica (Feuilleea c., Anneslia c.): Bastard Mesquite, Cabello de 聲gel, False Mesquite, Huajillo, Tabardillo, Zapotillo. The roots are used to make a red dye for leather. Some of these are good browse plants. They are legumes.

C. alternans, exotic. This plant is good for tetter.

C. anomala: Cabellos de Angel, Pambotano, Tlacoxiloxochitl. The plant is very good for treating malaria; use the root decoction.

C. eriophylla (A. e., C. chamaedrys, conferta, Feuilleea texana, e.): Cabelleto de 聲gel, Cabeza 聲gel, Charresquillo, False Mesquite, False Mesquite Calliandra, Huajillo, Mesquitilla. Seri: Haxz izti "dog, its hipbone". Warihio: Taa Seyweylala. In order to get the seeds, you must either take them early or put a bag or envelope over the pods to collect them when they fall. These are browse plants.

C. grandiflora: Cabellitos de Una Vara, Cabellos de 聲gel, Hierba del 聲gel, Pambotano, Tepachera, Tepexilox鏂hitl, Texox鏂hitl, Timbrillo, Tlacoxilox鏂hitl, Tlamacazcatzotl, Tzonx鏂hitl, Xilox鏂hitl. Exotic. Has pharmacological properties. Use the buds and roots. The active principle is a yellowish glucoside, soluble in water, particularly hot water, a little soluble in absolute alcohol and ether; it contains also two tannins, essential oil, fat, resin, glucose, starch and mineral salts. The root bark is astringent; the peeled root is principally emetic and purgative. It is not antipaludian (does not prevent malaria). Take up to 30 grams a day, in decoction or fluid extract.

C. sp.: Ambilazo. Exotic. This is a Madagascar species. The leaf stems are used for syphilis.

See Paloverde.

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