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Desert Marigold

DESERT MARIGOLD - Baileya multiradiata (B. pleniradiata, nervosa, perennis): Cloth-of-Gold, Desert Baileya, Paper Daisy. Seri: Cahaahazxot "what causes sneezing" (onomotopoeic). Cultivated ornamental. A tea of the aboveground plant, gathered in spring or after the fall rains, helps migraine headaches, and calms the nerves. Use small doses: a fourth cup no more than three times a day. It is poisonous. The water-soluble toxin is unknown. It is especially toxic to sheep and goats. It is not known to be toxic to cattle or horses. The symptoms are frothy green salivation, weakness, rapid pulse, stiff gait, trembling of the limbs, loss of appetite, arched back, or lying down and refusing to move. Treatment is to give good food and water. Most animals recover. This species, or else Senecio vulneraria, or Solidago velutina, are all called Calancapatle. Calancapatle is used for the cure of seborrhea, and avoids the formation of scabs on the head, and is a very good medium for preserving the hair. B. pauciradiata.

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