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Jennifer's Story -- The Evils of Planned Parenthood

Iowa Right To Life, among others, has been sponsoring a Ĺ page colored ad in a number of Iowa Nnwspapers, at least 3 or 4 times in the Des Moines Register.

Our Helpers of Godís Precious Infants of Iowa, Inc. plans to help sponsor this ad in the Quad City Times with some local endorsers. The main purpose of this ad is to educate the public about the evils of Planned Parenthood and to let the public know the magnitude of our taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood.

We think this ad does an excellent job of getting the truth out about Planned Parenthood.

Following is a copy of the complete story of Jennifer mentioned in the ad.

Jennifer is now 21 years old.

I used to be pro-choice, until I suffered the consequences of abortion, and realized it should be called poor-choice. Itís a poor choice because the truth is hidden from young women and men.

Women begin making uneducated decisions, which leads to sorrow and regret. When I realized what I had actually done to my child, it was too late. Planned Parenthood told me that abortion was safer than giving labor to a full-term baby, they said it did not hurt the child, and it wouldnít be very painful. I believed it was a procedure done by real doctors with years of experience, and if the government was backing it, I figured that meant it was completely safe and healthy.

I also believed the morning after pill was safe, I was simply naÔve.

When I was fifteen, my boyfriend and I were doing some things we should not have been doing at such an immature age. In the heat of the moment we made a mistake, we realized the consequences, and we started to worry. We decided to try Planned Parenthood, we had heard they would help us get out of this sort of "situation." I walked into the office and filled out some forms. I was asked to give a "donation" for the resources used that day. I sat down with a PP employee.

She informed they would keep all of this private from my parents. If they needed to call, and my mom answered, they would pretend to be someone else. They would send me all my mail in an unmarked envelope. They proceeded to give me the pills, I took the first dose at the office, and they told me to take the remainder of the doses when I arrived home.

Nobody told me about the adverse side effects, or chance for a terrible reaction. They sent me home clueless. I took the last dose around 10:00pm. I woke up an hour later, I was bleeding and I was throwing up so violently I couldnít hold my self up in the bathroom. I screamed for my mom, and fainted on the floor.

My mom found me unconscience on the floor. She did not know what was wrong with me. I am lucky, I could have died on the bathroom floor, and my mom would not have been able to tell the doctorís how to save me. I thought it would be better to go to Planned Parenthood and hide what I had done. It was only easier for a few hours, than it became dangerous! (Morning after pill)

When I turned 18, I became pregnant. I wanted to have this baby, but my boyfriend told me if I had it, he would not be with me and I would have no place to live. I was so scared. I thought I loved him and would be with him forever, I was dead wrong! I went to the clinic a couple times, and chickened out every time.

Finally when I was 14 weeks along, my boyfriend actually threw me out and I began to beg for mercy. I decided to give in and go to the clinic, the fear became enough to push me, I was not in the right state of mind. The clinic got me in the same day, they told me if I waited too long, it would be too late to perform the procedure in Iowa.

Nobody told me the truth. If I had nothing to be ashamed of, if this was really a good, healthy choice, why wouldnít they tell me the truth? My child had feet and hands. Why does Planned Parenthood think by changing the word from baby to fetus it is no longer murder?

Planned Parenthood is not there to help women--they separate a young woman from her parents, and a baby from his mother. I am ashamed to say, I laid on a table and allowed a stranger to rip part of my soul out of my body. This is not what I wanted, this was not a sane choice I made, or any woman makes.

Planned Parenthood takes advantage of women who are not in the right state of mind, women who are scared, desperate, and ALONE.

I got through the procedure, they gave me a birth control shot and sent me home. Nobody at the office scheduled a two week check-up, they told me if I began hemorrhaging I should go to the emergency room.

For two weeks I continued to cramp and bleed. I went back to Planned Parenthood, they told me it was normal for this to happen. They said I should go home and continue taking my pain medication. I went home and that night I awoke to tremendous pain. I stood in the doorway of my momís bedroom with a blood-soaked towel between my legs. All I could say is "something is wrong".

I went to the ER, they did an ultra-sound and found that tissue had been left in my cervix, my cervix had not clamped completely shut and it caused a horrible infection. An OB did an emergency D & C, I was in the hospital for 3 days on IV medication for the infection. I was left with significant scar tissue on my cervix.

I found out six months later I had cancer cells on my cervix, I should never have been put on birth control without a pap smear, which Planned Parenthood never performed. I had a miscarriage a year after that, when I CHOSE to get pregnant. When I finally got pregnant with my son, I had a long, hard labor because my cervix would not dilate past 2 cm because of all the scar tissue.

I can tell you of all the physical scars and pain I went through because of this abortion. But none of it compares to the gut wrenching, sick feeling I have in my heart and empty womb. I would give anything for those nine months, I would gladly share my life and my body with my child for nine months.

I would give anything to trade this pain and hurt I will carry in my soul for the rest of my life. I can still see my child- I still have visions of all that my baby would be. She runs and she plays in my dreams, she has blonde curly hair, and ocean-blue eyes. She was and is a child, not an embryo or fetus!

Something HAS to change, for the women who will never look into their childís eyes for the first time and fall in love, for the child that will never take his first steps into his mommyís arms, for the women that will never hear the word "mama" because an abortion left them BARREN. There are no planned parentís that come out of Planned Parenthood, only empty arms and cradles.

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