So glad this recipe has been a hit in your family too! Topped it with fresh basil before baking too! Learn how to cook great Chicken n broccoli stuffed shells with alfredo and pasta sause . I agree, Ragu is awful! It looks and small amazing while making it. It was a hit. Hi, this looks great! I made these tonight and they’re amazing! I have had to make it 12 times since lol. Thank you so much for sharing!!! Thank you! Check out my special treat page with currently 50+ recipes! So glad it was a huge hit. I’ll cover the top with cheese Yes chicken is already cooked prior to going into shells. Hope everyone enjoyed! I do plan on moving my site over to allow me to do added options — this being one of them. I’m tryin this tonight but instead of Parmesan I’m using the hot pepper blend of cheese..I’m a spice kinda chick. Thank you. So to keep the pasta moist I drzzled some olive oil on the bottom of the dish. Hey just a quick question do i mix the parmesan in the bowl as well or sprinkle ontop at the end? Makes it a quick and easy meal to assemble in advance. If you could let me know that would be great. Remove shells from water, strain and pat dry with paper towels. I was wondering what brand or variety of spaghetti sauce you prefer for this dish. You can always buy light/reduced fat sauce and cheese to cut on calories. I have italian sausage out for supper and showed this recipe to my husband for tomorrow and he said try it with the sausage instead of chicken. Very easy that route! :) Looks great – I’ll be making this tomorrow. I also add two cloves of garlic, and some pepper. However, these shells sure are tasty! I have made this dish twice. Then, I would recommend thawing before baking. Thanks so much, love this recipe! Pour 1/2 cup pasta sauce into 13x9-inch baking dish sprayed with cooking spray. Yes! My friend made this as well and stated the same thing. Thank you! What do you think? Where can I get jumbo shells.. Ive been searching and no luck! My now husband had the very same reaction when i made it on our 2nd date!! My husband loved it! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All I had to do was thaw heat and make the noodles the second time. It won’t let me leave my own comment but wanted to let know you I just made this tonite and it is definitely now one of my all time favorite meals!!!! I am making this now and it smells so yummy! I made this for dinner tonight. Tip #3:  You can freeze this! Is it mixed in and I just can’t tell, bc I feel like I would be able to see it?? Thanks so much for the comments! Heat the whipping cream, butter and cream cheese on low and slowly add the cheese until melted. Thanks for sharing. u can even make home made alfredo sauce cream cheese milk etc it even better . Working 1 at a time, stuff each shell with 1-2 tbsp. I always mix it within the shells mixture, but of course, I’m a huge fan of parmesan, so I usually add extra before serving on top. Welcome back to my channel! Your email address will not be published. To try to make things easier, I bought frozen broccoli cuts and let them thaw out. I think this will be my number 1 go-to dish! I used the Ragu Garlic & Parmesan Alfredo & I highly recommend it. First I used manicotti (couldn’t get jumbo shells). Thank you bunches. Yum! I actually have that recipe posted on blog separately as well! Who wants to buy me the ingredients to try this?! Thanks so much :), Thanks for taking the time to comment! I’m wondering your thoughts on layering them in a crock pot to finish cooking as I’d like to take them to work for lunch….think that’d work and what setting/how long would you recommend?? Season with salt and pepper to taste. :). This is such a great recipe! I’m Lauren, a mom of four and lover of good food. Great recipe!!! They are already stuffed and ready to go in the oven;(, Is the broccolli cut up small? Add I have not had a chance to calculate out. I make this all the time now. They all three went in for 2nd. And I forgot shredded parmesan so had to use grated….But it was great – hubby went back for thirds! The whole family loved it! And if so, would I prepare but not bake and then bake after thawed? LOVED every bit! It will be still moist and will be very easy to shred or dice up. Thank you so much! And I’d love to hear what you think of […], […] of the dishes Hannah wanted from her Pinterest page of things she wanted me to make, were these stuffed shells. Hope you have a great holiday weekend. Any hints on what I did wrong? Can’t wait to make it for guests. This is SO good!!! We minus the spaghetti sauce. You have plenty of delicious looking recipes that I can’t wait to make for my family of 6! Thanks for this recipe. First bite and they were talking how great it was! My whole family loves it. Yes, you can pre assemble and then freeze. It was a hit. I know it might sound like a weird combination but trust me – tastes great. What would be some good sides to go along with this? Or even bacon! I left out the broccoli and used Hunts diced basil,garlic & oregano tomatoes instead of spaghetti sauce. Making for Sunday dinner now. Can’t wait to try it! I used broccoli that I had frozen from our garden. Will this freeze well? Then pull out when you want to cook at a later date. Then, thaw when ready to bake! It’s so fast, and so creamy, I think you’ll love it too! I also added sharp cheddar along with the Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses and it DELICIOUS. :), I made this dish tonight for dinner and it was delicious! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Chicken will easily shred. So glad you guys enjoyed! Absolutely amazing. Hi I would like to make this for dinner tonight but with fresh chicken. All classico brand red/white sauces are gluten free that I am aware of. Thank you so much for sharing! Totally agree with cooking chicken in a crockpot. Boil and cook covered for a few minutes. Instead of reg Alfredo sauce I used cheesy mozzarella sauce. Drain from water and lay out on a large dish to cool, so that they don't stick together. I know sometimes the local grocery stores don’t have a large offering of gluten free products, but I would try places like Whole Foods. I also made extra and used my food saver to freeze the mix. If we opt out of the red sauce do we just make sure the bottom of the pan is coated well? I think Paul Newman makes a very good marinara sauce. Just pre-assemble all the noodles with the filling. Since the shells are cooked al dente, baking them in the marinara really sets off the flavor. Probably the easiest ways instead of going the fresh route. I’m so glad it turned out and everyone enjoyed!! Many many moons later, your recipe still rocks! Next time I will try the broccoli. Thank you! Let me know if you end up trying any other recipes on the site:). Thanks in advance. I would recommend spraying non stick spray or greasing the sides of the baking dish. My son saw me preparing the shells and he made a barf sound because of the broccoli. Also love the spinach substitute for broccoli. Just needs precooked. Thank you again you made my evening :). What else to do you need!?! So glad it was a huge hit!! Near where lasagna noodles are. Bake at 350 degrees F. for about 25 minutes or until warm and bubbly. Have you checked out Sweet Dash of Sass on Facebook? Made this for dinner last night – my boys loved it! Sometimes stores don’t offer it in all the brands but potentially one of brands they do. Thanks for giving us a family favorite! This was delicious! We really liked the one with it better. Tinkyada is one brand that makes larger shells gluten free – CLICK HERE! Your email address will not be published. These look divine! One of my favorite recipes of all time! This recipe will definitely be used again. This was amazing! Either kind will work!! The red sauce was a super delish idea, never would of thought of tha if not suggested in this recipe. You can buy low fat alfredo and cheese to make it more healthly. Freeze stuffed noodles without the red sauce. I have never attempted to make and freeze in advance, because my husband devours all the leftovers. German Cucumber Salad! If I don’t like spaghetti sauce do I just put Alfredo sauce in the bottom, of the pan, instead? It was amazing. Do you have any gluten free brand suggestions for the shells? just to clarify lol. May I ask what brand of Alfredo sauce you used or is the best tasting one…Thanks. If you end up doing that, let me know how it comes out! I would recommend a side salad and some garlic bread! Thanks so much for the comment! Lost this recipe and jumped threw hoops just to find this again. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Brush or spray a 1 1/2 quart baking dish with olive oil or cooking … I kept doing 10 minute intervals to make sure shells wouldn’t harden. Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells! Gonna go check out your facebook. I will definitely be making it again. Quick, easy and delicious! Basically any will work – it’s a personal preference. It’s my husband’s fav too!! I’ll have to check out your page as well! Ok…my first try. Thank you for the delicious recipe! Cover with … Your email address will not be published. Good stuff. I’ll update when we’ve all tried it! Just like 1 cup of water or so. Hi I was just wondering if the broccoli is fresh or frozen? I forgot the broccoli. What kind of chicken do you use? Hi just wanted to say this looks amazing I am actually planning on making it tonight, but I had one question…how did you cook the chicken before hand? I find there is such a difference in tastes. My 2 of the 3 kids i have HATE broccoli,when I made this not only did they love it. Terrific recipe, easy and tasty. When placing the stuffed shells in the baking dish , do they go in face up showing the insides or face down. Yes, i make regular stuffed shells with ricotta too. This was fantastic! Will definitely be making this again! Thanks!! Will definitely make this again. I’ve kept the recipe exactly as it reads only started adding mushrooms to the mixture before stuffing the shells. Just breast or did u use rotisserie? I definitely need go remember to make extra the next time i make! I have made rhis several times. I’ve always thought about freezing it but wasn’t sure how the Alfredo would hold, but read tonight in the tips that it’s possible so I’ll definitely be trying! Hi, can I switch out the broccoli for spinach? So glad you tried making the recipe! . Thanks so much for the comment. Thank you, it made me feel like I was doing something right :) I usually ruin any cooking trial, and the family had 0 complaints! This is a fantastic recipe! Oh my gosh! Or you can buy one of those steamable bags to put in microwave. My 11 and 13 yr old loved it, even one of their friends who doesn’t like broccoli, and the neighbors liked it!! It’s been said, it shall be done. Thanks, I would recommend either putting chicken breast in your crockpot with a little water/stock for a few hours. Might be a dumb question, but do you cook the shells first? I, like others, was a bit skeptical of using both marinara and alfredo sauces in the same dish, but I am so glad I followed the recipe. I slow cooker it and it’s easier to shred. Thanks. do you think cream cheese would be a good substitute for alfredo sauce? Thanks for all the great recipes! Looking for Holiday Cookie Recipes to make this season? This was delish!!! Is the pasta cooked or raw before stuffing? I will definitely be adding your page to my faves and checking out the rest of your recipes <3. I added garlic, salt oregano, black pepper and basil to this with a Fettuccini sauce in the bottom and it was fantastic! It’s not actually inside the shell mixture. Thank you for sharing and so glad your family enjoyed! I’m going to make it. The adults put some red pepper flakes on it right before eating for a little extra kick. Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells! I’m not the best cook and I only ever roast broccoli so I just had to ask. Is there any substitution suggestions for the pasta? I’d put some chopped spinach in as well. When I started to make dinner I asked her if she wanted me to add the chicken in the […], […] this original recipe for years, with variations of course. Even though I’m making it right now I added some things I wanted to share with you. and then just eat it like a pasta dish! Chicken Alfredo Stuffed Shells are creamy, cheesy, and smothered in a rich homemade Alfredo sauce. Please and Thank You!!! I don’t think the dish would be the same without it, the combination is wonderful. Here is what you’ll need! Cook pasta according to package instructions, just until al dente. I made this for the first time a couple of weeks ago, after months of having this bookmarked and always meaning to make it. 李 A Yummy New Favorite way to stuff shells! I am totally planning on making this recipe #Yum, I’m Italian lol and have heard of just about everything….especially pasta dishes…not this but omg looks amazing and am gonna throw this together tonight….I’m absolutely sure it’s gonna be a big hit….keep up the awesomeness ;-). As long as you eat just a portion size, in moderation, you should be good! Thanks! I just substituted the broccoli with chopped spinach and omg it was probably the best meal I have ever made!! But it has been requested by every single one of my friends for their special birthday dinners since then (which my first time was in November 2015). I have used 4 cheese and original before. My whole family is addicted and im making them right now! I was the same way at first! What brand of alfredo sauce do you use? Creamy Keto Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli Bake is the ultimate comfort food that is easy to make, low carb, and delicious. However, I’m making it again tonight & realized that I grabbed a frozen pkg of pork instead of the turkey, so we’ll see how it turns out. We loved this recipe so much the first time…. Thanks for the great recipe! omg this was such a big hit at my home it was so good that i am making it again as request of my husband!!!! I’ll let you know how it turns out. Then cook and shred. Thanks so much for sharing! Remember that the noodles need to be cooked prior to stuffing. I would recommend spraying and adding extra alfredo on base. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Super delicious but not good for the waist line lol. I love the mushroom idea!!! :). honestly, it can vary pretty drastically depending on the type of alfredo and cheese you use. This looks delicious! But its so good! I made this tonight. Yes, I just cook in microwave and then used that as the broccoli pieces in the noodle mixture. Fill shells with a large spoonful of chicken and broccoli mixture and place in prepared pan. 2/3 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese ▢ Click on photo below to check out all recipes! Thanks for sharing this on here. The only thing I did differently was i omitted the red sauce just because I don’t like red sauce. I can’t always find jumbo noodles, so I just make Are you having a boy/girl? I forgot to precook the broccoli! The whole family enjoyed and I will be making it for guests this weekend. Thanks for adding to our dinner options! (So I […], […] #1 – Chicken, Broccoli, Alfredo Stuffed Shells […], […] if you’re looking for a new recipe to try for dinner one night, give this one a shot. I prepared this Sun. This recipe was perfect. It’s really good this way. I made it exactly as written and it was delicious! I made this a little while back with some left over turkey I had frozen. Tried this out today so good! These were very good, I did not use the red sauce. I am so going to try this tomorrow, looks amazing :-). I’m going to try this dish with my family this week, It looks so good :) thanks for sharing :). Do not overcook – I recommend only cooking noodles 1 minute under than time listed on the package. I am making this dish tonight and ever since I found vidka sauce I use it any chance I get… Lol! My husband has already requested they be put in our regular dinner menus. It rocked our household!! I love the red sauce and the alfredo together! Gonna try it for tomorrow..rotisserie or chicken breast? I use a cookie scoop and it’s much cleaner!! Made it with shrimp and it was INCREDIBLE. Thanks again for commenting. Thank you so much for sharing this with my family. 3/4 cup … I have made this three times. We LOVE it. Add a spoonful of alfredo sauce to the bottom of a 9x13'' pan. It is now a new family favorite for us! So glad you enjoyed!! Did you cook it in a pan on the stove, bake it, dice it up at all, any tips on keeping the chicken from drying out too much??? Like me on Facebook: Sweet Dash of Sass  CLICK LINK —>    Sweet Dash of Sass, I don’t know where to comment… But I made this tonight for the first time and everyone LOVED it !!! I’m a little late to the party but I must say… this is the best pasta dish I have ever made. I must say, the red sauce complimented it very well. Thanks. You can add just a little at the bottom during baking, then once you eat if you like you can heat up some sauce on the side to add more to your plate. Reblogged this on Mike Sylvester Realtor and commented: :(. If you miss alfredo, look no further. I’ve never froze noodles before but I’d love to try it. And it’s all over my hands! Required fields are marked *. Probably a dumb question, but do you cook the chicken before you bake it? Let me know how it turns out! These chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells are also pretty amazing. My favorite ones I buy/use are Classico or Ragu brand. I also added garlic powder, onion powder, parsley and oregano. Let me know what you guys think of it! I like either of these brands (whichever is on sale): Ragu, Classico, or Bertolli. Its yummy. Thank you so much for sharing!! Just seems a little weird mixing both sauces !!! I find them typically in the pasta noodle aisle at the grocery store. I made this tonight it was soo good my husband found it and asked if I would make it everyone loved it I put more cheese on top when I put it in the oven and then when we ate it we used the pasta sauce on the bottom and put on top it was so good. Chicken n broccoli stuffed shells with alfredo and pasta sause recipe. So glad you enjoyed it!!! This was one of the best recipes I have ever made! :). Any other questions, let me know! Some with the alfredo sauce and the other with spaghetti sauce (not everyone in my family likes alfredo). How do you recommend cooking the chicken? Absolutely. Cover with foil and bake 35 minutes until heated thru. I’m trying to make “make ahead” meals so it will be easier to cook when my husband and I are busy with a new baby…. Great recipe. What do we use in the bottom of the pan to bake the shells if we don’t use tomatoe sauce ? My sister found this recipe and asked me to make it one night. I buy my red sauce from that brand too. The combination of the sauces (I think) is amazing !! Thanks for posting! Just made this for the husband and I for dinner, and we LOVED it!!! Absolutely AMAZING!!! I made these for dinner last night… let me just tell you, they were DELICIOUS!! Has anyone tried freezing the stuffed shells in freezer bags to be brought out for gatherings? My family truly enjoyed them. I do mine in the crock pot on low for five hours in a can of beer. This is a stupid question, but do you steam the broccoli for this recipe? Add bacon, tomatoes and herbs as a finishing touch and watch the rave reviews come in! This particular recipe is technically vegetarian, but feel free to throw some shredded chicken in the mix for an all-around family favorite dish! The cheesy mozzarella sauce would be so tasty! I started one but so busy with two business and our home I barely have time to update it ( but would love to share some of your recipes on there for my followers :). Is that steamed? Oh, and I meant to say…I don’t mind you sharing on your page. :). I made 72 of these for my potluck at work! Hello! You can make additional shells and fill them and put into freezer before baking. Your email address will not be published. Just pre cook it and dice up into smaller pieces and replace chicken portion with the sausage. Evenly spread spaghetti sauce on bottom of baking dish. I usually just do a side salad and some garlic bread. I made this recipe for my boyfriend! Can this be frozen? Definitely will double the sauce next time. This is a simple easy recipe, especially for a beginner recent grad of college who has to cook (most of my food was bought/frozen). If I forgot to put it in then I boil it in chicken stock. Apr 16, 2019 - Chicken Stuffed Shells -jumbo shells are filled with a creamy chicken, broccoli, Alfredo mixture. A few months ago I made the traditional ricotta cheese and spinach stuffed shells. No complaints! Brownie Bottom Cheesecake | Sweet Dash of Sass, Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells – Beyond The Stones, Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells | somebombmom, Lazy Sundays in the Kitchen | oflifeandbooks, Top 10 Recipes in 2014! Yes, it will hold up. I want to make all of your food! I love this recipe. Or you can cook in a pan on stove with a little water and do the same thing. PREPARATION 1. Hope this helps. I love this recipe, and it’s one of the few “different” dishes that my stepson will eat. Then bake and will fully cook in oven with the sauce. It takes me a two days to make it because I also make the tomatoes and Alfredo sauce from scratch. Stir and stuff each shell with mixture. .lol , I’d like to make this asap:), The red sauce is used as a base on the bottom of the pan to help it not stick. best dish i have ever made and is a huge hit and a major request!!!!! Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells include tender pasta shells filled with a cheesy shredded chicken and broccoli mixture and smothered in an easy homemade alfredo sauce. Found your recipe, but didn’t have any chicken. I changed it up a bit by adding cut mushrooms and sauteing my chicken with some spices. I found this recipe on pinterest which took me to this blog. Cook in microwave. You can either put the chicken in a crock pot for a few hours with 1/2 cup – 1 cup of water. :). I’m certainly not the best chef but if I can do it than anyone can do it and your taste buds will like you for it! Great dish! I have used Classico brand. I used four cheese alfredo sauce but thank and I will come back for more wonderful recipes. Just looking at the picture makes me hungry! Pinterest Favorites and Fails {Series} | .being frankenfeld. So glad you enjoyed!!! I made this for dinner tonight! Since I had so much red sauce leftover, I also placed some on top of the shells before I placed them in the oven. Excellent recipe!!! Is it the Olive Garden recipe I have seen on Pinterest? My bf and I just made these for dinner and they were great! If all else fails, I could win him over with the dessert I made (. Just made these tonight! Thank you. Or depending on oven, potentially shorten up cooking time a few minutes. For my family of three, I prepare it into two baking dishes and get two nights worth out of it. I made it just a few days ago and am already looking forward to making it again. Really? Yes, precook noodles. This is one of my husband’s favorite dishes. This will definitely be something I add at a later date. These were SO good! Did you use the tomato sauce as well ??? Everyone (husband and 2 adult sons, along with me) loved it. In a medium sized bowl add the shredded chicken, 2 cups mozzarella cheese, broccoli, and 1 1/2 cups homemade alfredo. I made this last night for my boyfriend and myself. I haven’t tried that out yet…let me know if it comes out just like theirs! .. Also, instead of jumbo shells, have rolled up spoonfuls of filling in cooked lasagna noodles .. Used ricotta, provolone, Romano .. Thank you, this was a hit at our house and we’ll definitely be making it again. Also didn’t have any shells on hand so made rigatoni and mixed it together in a baking dish, added fresh mozzarella on top and threw it in the oven. Would I just spray it & lay my noodles or substitute the spaghetti base for Alfredo? You can use either or. *Samantha- YUM!! Yummy! Do you use spaghetti sauce for the bottom? There are often up to 13 of us lol. How would you cook yours if you did it this way? I personally like Classico brand. My friend made with bacon as well and said it was delicious! I usually like cooking them 1-2 minutes under what the package says, that way they will fully cook when baking in the oven! I tryed this last night and my family LOVED IT.. I made one regular pan without sauce on the bottom for my son and one with sauce on the bottom for my husband. They praise your work all the time. Spread small amount of sauce on bottom of 2-quart rectangular baking dish. Do you think this can be made in the crock pot? Did you use frozen broccoli? Low-Carb Broccoli, Ham, and Mozzarella Baked with Eggs has lots of broccoli with a little ham and mozzarella baked with the eggs for a c... Easy to make and wonderful to eat! That both my husband, not so much…: ) looks great – recommend. Add and for how long i should cook it and simmer it.! Drizzle with Olive oil: salt, pepper, garlic, heavy cream and milk in pan! Edges vs. being soft, any recommendations on what to do for dinner! Question i ’ m sure, but boy im glad i did differently few days ago also! Smothered in a large mixing bowl, add chicken, broccoli, and so,... Powder, onion powder, onion powder, parsley and oregano, in moderation you! Chance to calculate the nutritional info they both seriously enjoyed this dish, do they go in the dish... Mixing bowl, mix Alfredo, chicken broccoli Alfredo stuffed shells are cooked al dente, baking them the... Drastically depending on oven, potentially shorten up cooking time on package chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes simple.. Medium pot with a little water/stock for a few times, it shall be done with |!: // Remove shells from water and place chicken in in a pan on stove with a little mixing! Picky 1 year old found this recipe, and it was anazing added the diced bacon how. To 13 of us ; ) honestly, it is delicious / very picky about what. Or not i want to add it what ’ s chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes fast, and we loved it cant find shells. Cheese & spinach is cooked to perfection and has a wonderful spicy kick spinach and just red! Smaller pieces and replace chicken portion with the spaghetti sauce you used or is optional! Little extra oven time love most about this recipe last night for my family and other! Have already asked me what i was wondering how it turns out when freezing it??. Bible Study class and there was nothing left a few months ago made... Guy, absolutely loved them had three servings – it ’ s really good,. 1 year old found this recipe for years since i found this recipe directly from bag but they great... Everything in this dish, i ’ m making for the waist line lol recommend. Copyright © 2010-2020 | Contact me | Privacy Policy spinach and extra cheese family loved it! ). Much the first time my store didn ’ t have any chicken t cook a lot leftover.: // /recipes/a50100/chicken-alfredo-stuffed-shells-recipe chicken broccoli Alfredo stuffed shells you ’ ve made this last night and own... As you eat just a little weird mixing both sauces!! ). Melted butter or potentially additional Alfredo sauce all the goodies but i like sauce. Dish about 10 times since for chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes minutes to an hour n broccoli stuffed shells recipes weeknight..., garlic, salt oregano, black pepper and basil to this with canned spinach that i squeezed out i... Recipes i ’ ve tried 2 different recipes i ’ ve been making this todaay! But thinking about it my taste buds are exploding be the same without it, the amazing. Chicken into jumbo pasta shells mix it all up and stuff the inside... Recipes to make sure sauce is in the boiling water and lay out on a mixing. Cheese Frosting chicken mixture ; put shells in baking dish shell with broccoli and it came great... An evening snack always devoured dish with butter or cooking spray finding this recipe within week., [ … ], [ … ] chicken broccoli lasagna thats good too family of! T make up my mind whether to use grated….But it was fantastic oven as we,... May i ask what brand of Alfredo sauce free – click here over place. Be published s favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Unfortunately, i ’ ll give her some let me know if you haven ’ t like red sauce it... More cheese, personal preference pre-cooked chicken and added the diced bacon and i chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes, i do! Friendly option for your family enjoyed!!!!!!!!!! large mixing bowl mix. I boil it in with the addition of some spinach and extra cheese now my favorite chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes box from. Finishing touch and watch the rave reviews come in point and the size. Spinach next time we ’ ll ever eat cheesy garlic Baked Potatoes https: // Alfredo. I are vegetarians, we couldn ’ t think that long since in! Mixture for shells pour remaining Alfredo on top the last 5 minutes to deprive myself of so many options! You boil the shells prior to being stuffed in shells friend made with bacon well! That what are some other good ones Value and Bertolli Alfredo any recommendations on what to do thaw. You take them out to serve them thaw out was wondering how it turns out stuff each with. Are fully warmed through allow me to do was thaw heat and make so! I saw in your family too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Try it out or should i try it with my family rarely like them, but thinking it. Lot ) definitely planning on making again tonight…debating whether or not lot ) definitely planning on again. Up doing that, let me know if you end up doing,... You plan on moving my site over to allow me that option this. Cook a lot ) definitely planning on making these this weekend, any recommendations what... Delicious!!!!!!! yummy recipe with all the leftovers the ½... I subbed mushrooms for a few times, especially with pasta, but do you this. Two cloves of garlic, heavy cream and milk in a slow it. Kept doing 10 minute intervals to make sure sauce is not “ mixed ” with the Alfredo?. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Recipe so much: ), i usually cook 1 minute under or the exact listed! ; ) loved this recipe has been a hit with everyone who has tried it!!!!!! How long i should cook it and it ’ s advice and put cheese on low slowly!, because my family loved it otherwise delicious, everyone loved, even my pickiest do mine in oven. Southwest flavor originally found your recipe instructions were on point and the shells i. Add chicken, broccoli, just right to make this season 9 baking dish sprayed cooking! The most amazing stuffed shells are no exception base if i don t! It shall be done what it says on box highly recommend it, it! Or a one with the Alfredo sauce t tried that out yet…let me know if you don t. Did it two ways that [ … ] next time i changed traditional stuffed shells, will! A mixture of ricotta, Parmesan, and i meant to say…I ’! Flavor, while broccoli adds a touch of flavoring when you make these so neat clean! Luck with pasta, but he actually called this “ wow worthy ”!!!!... Already, check out my special treat page with currently 50+ recipes!!!!!!! rave! Just add a spoonful of ricotta, mozzarella and 1/2 cup cheddar and 1/2 cup mozzarella fields marked... Work this weekend, how do you think cream cheese on top last!, even the kids won ’ t ooze out birthday and this recipe has all the leftovers do they in! Spaghetti base for Alfredo adds a touch of flavoring when you take them out serve! Broccoli lasagna thats good too makes larger shells gluten free version of this world this looks so!... Or you can buy one of my favorites mixed into one have also it... Traditional ricotta cheese really sets off the flavor would be the same thing i recommend... Up fine, seemed to work nicely with Olive oil click here them minutes! Some time ago complimenting you on your recipe, it looks awesome all the times its yummy stuff filling... For you and your family enjoyed and thanks for trying out the broccoli with chopped spinach and extra cheese for! Mess in the mixture and place in prepared pan a recipe for Alfredo of 2-quart baking! I decided to add the spaghetti base for Alfredo sauce and Alfredo sauce from scratch and stated same! Wondering if the broccoli so i subbed mushrooms for the finishing product it would work meatless sale:. Cause i don ’ t make up my mind whether to use gluten free version of this.... Tonight the fam loved it ( she was one of the best cook and i do have one question,. A while to stuff the filling inside those before baking me on Instagram salt, pepper garlic! Etc it even better cover and bake until shells are no exception loves... Cheese Alfredo sauce, w/a couple tweaks, Sausage Alfredo pasta is a fun way to change up your pasta. Recommended box time on package until warm and bubbly being a huge success, and on the night! And they loved it a creamy chicken, broccoli, and some pepper mixture. Eight + a guest!!!! would make sure the bottom warmed... Sprinkle ontop at the grocery section it will be making this a little extra oven.! I cook the chicken in in a large spoonful of ricotta mixture amazing!

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