Use ICE in the water if necessary to get it COLD. This will help retard the hydration reaction allowing you some extended work time. This is in contrast to traditional installations where mortar is used much thicker (1" or more) as a 'mud bed.' Additionally, the moisture should not be drawn out of a latex-foritfied thin set mortar as quickly. Now you’re ready to use a trowel to apply the thinset. High temperature will shorten the working time. This will result in higher bond strength and make the Saltillo installation much more durable. Thinset Dry Time I recently installed a tile floor (12"x24" full body porcelain) in my bathroom using Ditra XL and was wondering how long should I let the floor dry before walking on it. Do NOT retemper (retemper means add water and stir) the thinset if … Thinset is a specialized mortar that has been designed to be applied as a relatively thin (3/32" or less) layer. Most thin set, grout and mastic manufacturers ask that you maintain between 50 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with a minimum time of 72 hours allowed for drying. For starters, rubber had limited working time. If an extended cure time is not observed before grouting, the results would be unpredictable. The first time, I gave out before my thin set gave out. High performance, latex fortified thin set mortars provide a longer working time as well as better adjustability time. The first thing to understand about working with thinset mortar is that there are different types of thinsets for different jobs, and the varying types have varying drying times. Immediately after mixing, work the VersaPatch® into the void to be filled with a flat steel trowel and then finish to a level surface to the required smoothness. But the second time, the thin set was hardening in only 30 minutes and unusable by 45 minutes. The working time for this product is 10 to 15 minutes depending upon the temperature. So, unfortunately for DIYers new to working with this material, it's tough to find a definitive answer about how long to let thinset mortar cure. Engineers at that time added rubber into the thinset mix to repair and make seawalls more durable. I would nevr select for a short pot life unless there was a condition that required an accelerated set/cure time which often accompanies short pot life. The working time before it hardens varies depending on a few things. Re: thin set open time vs. pot life They are only one/two points to consider in making a selection; w/o knowing the other considerations such as cure time it's kinda moot. But, in spite of the fact that adding rubber to cement helped retain water for longer, this compound still had its limitations. It’s not always easy to know how long your thinset needs to dry. If it’s hot and dry where you’re working, use COLD water to mix the thinset. Thinset mortar is a great way to fix tiles to your walls, countertops, or floors.However, it will only work if you allow for the right thinset dry time. Therefore, it’s best to use unmodified thinset when working with an impervious installation membrane like Prodeso for installing radiant floor heating. Later, constructors began using it to make brick installations stronger. The hotter the temperature the faster the thinset will “set.” Cooler temperatures could easily double working time when compared to hot weather. The first is the temperature.
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