Line Conventions, Continued Viewing or cutting plane lines To give a clearer view of obscure or oblique planes and interior or hidden features of an object that cannot be clearly observed in a conventional outside view, use viewing or cutting plane lines respectively. The result is called a front section, or front view in section, since it replaces the front view in the drawing. The arrows at the ends of cutting-plane line point in the direction of sight for front section. • The line type is phantom. Media & Art By William Anderson (Schoolworkhelper Editorial Team) May 12, 2011 48 Comments. A thick, intense line can represent the walls on a floor plan or structural members, such as fireplaces or stairways, the outline of a ceiling on a reflected ceiling plan, or the outline of a building on a site plan. There are three kinds of break lines used in drawings. Now just performing the 'tweaks'. You can also enter a color name or number. Viewing or cutting plane lines are sol For example, the point of intersection between a line and a plane may be found using a “cutting plane” as in instruction sheet A7.1a. Entries tagged with "CUTTING PLANE LINE" TECHNICAL DRAWING & ALPHABET OF LINE. A section view is obtained by cutting away part of an object to show the shape and construction at the cutting plane. It shows where the imaginary cut has been made. figure 3-38, view A. 7-4 Interpreting Cutting Planes and Sections 1. Thick, dark lines are used for major sections (Figure 3-9), details, borderlines, and cutting plane lines. A cutting plane line (very heavy) helps to show the internal shape at a part or assembly by slicing through the object. Technical drawings provide clear and accurate information how an object is to be manufactured. Line color Sets the color of cutting plane line segments. Cutting Plane Line. Linetype Sets the linetype of cutting plane line segments. All plane line segments use the same color. Multiple examples below: If you click Select Color (at the bottom of the Color list), the Select Color dialog box is displayed. Cutting plane methods for MILP work by solving a non-integer linear program, the linear relaxation of the given integer program. Viewing or cutting plane lines are the thickest of all lines. Notice the CUTTING PLANE LINE AA in. Hi all, Just bit the bullet and upgraded to ST4 (from ST2). • Arrows are located at the ends of the cutting plane line and the direction indicates the line of sight into the object. • Cutting Plane lines: Cutting Plane lines show where an imaginary cut has been made through an object in order to view and understand the interior features. Cutting Plane Lines . With this technique (cutting planes) some descript problems can be solved using only two views … thus eliminating the need to generate a third view. cutting plane is a frontal plane and appears as a line in the top view. Cutting plane lines are used to indicate where the section or cut is made. Question - When you creat a cutting plane, you can select the cutting plane line and go into its properties - in the general tab, the lower window 'display' shows the 'Style' the default is Thick, how do I change this default to Thick/Thin, to stop me having to change it manually all the time. . Break Line. The single view in figure 3-38, view B, helps you to visualize the cutting plane.
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